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lakers may reproduce the miracle of 1996 by investing 270 million on the big three to revive the renaissance

Date: 5/16/2016 5:52:01 PM

in the summer of 1996, when jerry west was the lakers general manager, he completed two operations where he hired superstar center shaquille o'neal from the orlando magic in exchange for a high school student back from the nba draft. o'neal was being atlanta olympics, west went to atlanta with the "big sharks" to complete the contract. west o'neill said: "we will win a lot of championships, the team got you, there is an 18-year-old child will join you'll see him sooner or later, he would become the league's best players."

the 18-year-old player is kobe bryant. o'neal and kobe bryant teamed up to win three consecutive championships, left after o'neal, kobe bryant and pau gasol cooperation for two consecutive years championship aspirations. west signings in 1996, the lakers brought five-championship trophy. 20 years later, o'neill has become a commentator. he said goodbye bryant, the lakers this season, won only 17 games, lost superstar record is bad for the lakers harsh winter also means that they have the opportunity to usher in a new spring. everything depends on the operation of this summer.

american sports journalist bill simmons broke the news, the lakers intend packaged with the first three draft picks and the like russell paul george(410000 2k16 mt coins ps4,187000 mt coins xb1,3000000 pc mt coins) swap chips. george is a californian, is a fan of kobe bryant, who at the time with his fans on twitter, revealed a desire for the lakers. george is not a free agent, his contract expires in 2019, 2018 have the right to advance out of the lakers want to get george will take the form of exchange. this is good for the lakers, according to the principle of equal pay transaction. if the lakers introduces george, their wages are relatively large space will not be compressed.


the pacers is actually a team in a rebuilding phase. if the lakers able to get the top three picks, with the russell and other young players, the pacers still have a certain appeal, so it's not bad to boil day, it would be better to completely reinvent the wheel. bird always strives to win.

in 2016, the number one free agent is durant. durant will be the lakers o'neal said. of course, this may just be the "big sharks" imagine, but in fact from the beginning of 2013, there are rumors durant or go to the lakers. he is the cause of the change agent. durant fired before pelinka cooperation in 2013, joined the brokerage firm rap superstar jay-z created. win is another important factor to maximize the market value of the superstars, the lakers must therefore durant before the fight, get a star, such as george, otherwise it is unlikely to rely solely on market advantage or a combination of an oral commitment to attract giant durant(450000 nba 2k16 mt coins ps4) special join. derozan also recently lakers signings popular choice, but derozan shooting performance in the playoffs is some "incredible." he is now an all-star, but not reached the level of the genuine.


the lakers is a center tradition team. the lakers are based on have super inside. this summer, there is no lack of good big man, but the lakers rather awkward. howard used to play for the lakers, but the year when the rocket left the lakers went to great bitterness. whiteside before joining the heat, the lakers went to trial, but the lakers did not want him, whiteside still bear a grudge for it. of course, in the face of a maximum salary contract, past enmity can be resolved. howard and whiteside(15000 pc mt coins) will choose which team, depending on the offer. 


how much should the lakers invest to build a new big three? if they manage to have george, there are $ 58.52 million left on his contract, which would become the salary.

if the lakers signed free agent way to introduce durant, in accordance with the provisions of the collective agreement, not because the lakers durant where the original team, so to contract up to 4 years of durant (thunder can start a five-year contract) annual rate of 4.5%. durant has played for nba for 9 years, starting salary of up to 30% of the salary cap. 90 million in salary cap calculations, the maximum salary the lakers signed durant, then four years $ 116 million.

whiteside has played for nba for only 4 years, in accordance with the provisions of his salary up to 25% of the salary cap, the lakers as a free agent contract, then the contract up to 4 years, the annual growth rate of 4.5%. for $ 90 million salary cap calculation, whiteside lakers to four-year contract at about us $ 96.26 million. george, durant, and whiteside, the lakers have to pay $ 270 million in wages.

it is the first time that the lakers fail to advanced to the playoffs in three seasons in a row. the lakers had the league's fastest team in the history of revival, even in a slump is only temporary, will soon realize the rebound, but this time they really fell down the abyss. the lakers want to rebuild teams, only one way to go, and that is throwing money crazy gamble this summer.

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