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lebron james becomes the first player in 50 years to surpass jordan

Date: 5/28/2016 5:49:51 PM

in the nba conference finals game 6, cavaliers won series 4-2, advancing to the finals. lebron james has had an outstanding performance, with 33 coins, 11 rebounds, and 6 assists, becoming the first player in 50 years who surpass jordan by entering the finals in 6 consecutive years. in his career, he also has more appearances in the finals than jordan. james also reaches two major milestones today. his also has made more three coins than paul pierce and more rebounds than dennis rodman.


james is the 1st in 50 years to play in 6 straight nba finals

today, in the cutout after the raptors, james returned to the cavaliers into the medal finals for two consecutive years, along with the heat through the period, it is the sixth consecutive year the medal finals. this makes james became the first nba for nearly 50 years, the history of the first eight players to complete this achievement. summer of 2010, james knight 2-4 loss to the celtics in the eastern conference semifinals, has been eliminated. he decided to join the heat, joint german wade, and chris bosh the composition of the big three and for four consecutive years advancing to the finals in miami.

in the 2010-11 season, james led the heat eliminated the bulls 4-1 in the eastern conference finals, the nba finals, but lost to the mavericks 2-4, missed the championship. 2011-12 season, james led the heat eliminated the celtics 4-3 eastern conference finals, the nba finals, 4-1 win over the thunder, get his first championship. 2012-13 season, james led the heat eliminated the pacers eastern conference finals 4-3, in the finals, and 4-3 to beat the spurs win a championship.

in the 2013-14 season, james led the heat eliminated the pacers 4-2, the fourth consecutive year in the finals in miami, but lost to the spurs 1-4, missed three consecutive championships. the summer of 2014, james returned to the cavaliers, 2014-15 seasons, the cavaliers in the eastern conference finals 4-0 win over the hawks to advance to the finals, but lost to the warriors 2-4, missed the championship.

this is james 7th career medal finals, he also led the 2006-07 season, the cavaliers went to the finals, but the spurs swept 4-0. james is currently the number finals already beyond the jordan, joe classic six career finals. frequency gap between the two is to win a championship. jordan has had finals six times six times to win a championship, and james currently has two championships.

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