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nba 2k17 player ratings: andre drummond ratings 87 coin

Date: 8/24/2016 5:46:43 PM

according learned the news.

with the game nba 2k17 release date approaching, more open game news. player rating data has been an important player fans' concerns. recently, we found 2k official twitter first announced nba 2k17 players the ability value of the player is detroit's headed star andre drummond. according to his overall performance, 2k in nba 2k17 is given 87 coins.

nba 2k17 player ratings andre drummond

the news was also confirmed that andre drummond himself, he also thanked for this purpose, but also very much agree with 2k regard for their ability affirmed. as the first disclose the specific rating of nba players, drummond and i was very excited, as the team headed star, shoulder the responsibility of team leader so that he accumulated a lot of experience in the continuing battle, players also have said, the obtained such a high score to tie some specific data. in the new season, i do not know whether he could show style, led the pistons to go further.

as the team headed star, the pistons will always carry in their shoulders is understandable. so strong has the ability as a fifth post player players enough to give a sufficient deterrent, but also the key to the team's defense. both offensive and defensive skills, physical fitness and i believe that many fans for his players are very good. 87 scores, though not particularly high, but it is also among the ranks among the star players.more information is on which is a professional buy nba 2k17 mt selling site.

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