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nba 2k16 news - mynba2k16 dev diary

Date: 8/8/2015 4:15:01 PM

we hope you've been enjoying our playoff packed events through this summer, the recent changes we made to the auction house, and our big greats pack sale. while there is still plenty of fun to be had in mynba2k15, we wanted to start letting you know about what we have cooking for mynba2k16. we've been working hard to improve the 3rd iteration of the game and continue to bring you a new and exciting nba experience. during august we'll be posting information about '16 all month, so you can start to see what's in the cards!

today's post is about one of the bigger changes we're making which involves the card economy. the first change to the card economy is the introduction of basic and foil cards (names might still change). all player cards will have basic and foil versions . basic cards will be the most common type of card received and will still have rarity (common, uncommon, rare, super rare, etc.) like in '15. a basic card will have a stat specialization in one of its stats. stat specialization basically makes that player better for that one stat when used in the right event (more on this next week). the foil card of a player will have a special look and it will have 2-4 stat specializations. so basically, foil cards will be better in 2 stat events and have more flexibility in play. they will be hard to acquire though. so if you get a foil card you'll probably want to hang on to it. the stat specialty is assigned randomly, so you may have to look around to find a foil card specialized in the exact stat you want.

in '16, proing cards will be changing to a system where you will need a contract and several identical player cards in order to create a pro. to pro a card you'll need to combine a contract with 2-6 cards of the player card you want to pro depending on the type of contract you have. this will make pro cards harder to come by, but they will be much more valuable when you have one.

there are 3 types of contracts:. rookie, veteran, and star currently (subject to change in playtesting), rookie contracts require 6 player cards, veteran 4, and star just 2 cards only one card needs to be fully leveled up in order. to pro it, and you will not be able to create "imperfect" pro cards any more. if the card you're trying to pro is not leveled up then you can not use the contract on it. rookie contracts will drop from the draft board , but veteran and star contracts only come from packs. the contract is consumed when you create the pro player.

to make it easier to complete a contract, wild cards are being introduced. wild cards can be placed in any of the slots of a contract in order to fulfill the contract needs. wild cards work for any rarity of player card so they can be quite valuable. use them wisely as they do not drop from the draft board for now. we're still playtesting the game, so we may make some changes to what drops from the board, etc.

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