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nba 2k16 new video trailer: stephen curry "beyond the shadows"

Date: 8/11/2015 4:48:03 PM

inch by inch and brick by brick, the hype for the release of nba 2k16 is being built.

the latest piece of the foundation dropped monday with the release of the "beyond the shadows" trailer features nba mvp and star of the nba champion golden state warriors, stephen curry.

the trailer chronicles curry's rise from a lightly recruited high school player in north carolina to a superstar at davidson university to his epic impact with the warriors.

there are a few quick images of curry from nba 2k16, and film director spike lee narrated the presentation. lee is also the director of the game's mycareer cinematic component.

we can see in this video library in nba 2k16 in a breakthrough, three-coiners, extraordinary, left and right sudden shake very real, allowing the player to nba 2k16 can be expected of an addition. more looking forward to purchase nba 2k16 mt, curry in 2k16 will also be the best player.

the game is set for release september 29, but fans who pre-order it can get it september 25, per vikki blake of stay tuned for more news on the game as the release date approaches.

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