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nba 2k16 teams will add classic pistons 03-04

Date: 8/28/2015 11:40:46 AM

upcoming nba 2k16 will increase 2003-04 detroit pistons for the classic team; ben wallace of the detroit pistons in 2004 and appeared in our line of sight, but the first landing platform for the xb1, pc and PS 4.


nba 2k16 will be released on september 29 new games of 12 classic teams; including the 2003-04 pistons and other teams; 1999-00 season, the raptors and portland,2000-01 lakers, mavericks 2002-03 season, 2007-08 season the celtics and rockets. there are five teams has not been announced.


currently, nba 2k series of games has been more than 30 classic teams, the time from 1964 to 2001. previously, players choose in nba 2k12 champion pistons in 1988-89;the 1989-90 season of the championship pistons, nba 2k11 in as "jordan challenger" one of the teams coming out.


with suffocating defense and team basketball famous, 2004 deadline for the introduction of a piston in ben wallace pulled after the second half of play in the regular season 20 wins and 5 losses, and this good momentum into the playoffs, and ultimately in total the final victory over the lakers by the f4 composed of luxurious, won a third crown in team history.


in announcing the news, nba 2k16 official did not announce a specific player 2004 champion pistons will appear in the game. 2k series of classic teams, usually 8-12 potency of the season the team's players, who depend on the availability of the specific choice of the player's image rights. in nba 2k12, the 1989 champion pistons a total of 11 people selected.


in addition to publishing new classic team outside, 2k16 official also announced that new games can reset the team's home and custom shirt. for example, players can make thunder players all put the sonics jersey.


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