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kobe bryant's low 'nba 2k16' rating, fans were stunned

Date: 8/31/2015 3:36:16 PM

it's that time of the year when the people at 2k games start slowly rolling out the overall ratings for the upcoming edition of nba 2k, and five-time nba champion kobe bryant, who just turned 37, has received his lowest rating in at least a decade. bryant, who has appeared in every single game since the series began in 1999 with nba 2k on the dreamcast, has an overall rating of 85 in nba 2k16, down from an 89 last year (and a 93 in 2k13).



this should come as a surprise to absolutely no one, as 2k is a basketball simulation, and its ratings are meant to reflect players' current levels of production rather than honor their career achievements. bryant played in 35 games last season, and has missed a total of 123 games the past two years. in the games kobe did play, he shot a career-worst 37% from the field and generally looked like a 36-year-old on defense. his 2k16 rating is too high if anything, given that john wall is an 87 and kevin durant is a 91. still, fans of bryant are furious that his rating dropped.


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