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nba 2k16 presents anthony davis "the rise" shock release

Date: 8/25/2015 10:30:35 AM

anthony davis is the fastest-rising star in the nba. he just inked a five-year $ 143 million extension with the pelicans and comes into his fourth season widely expected to be the next transcendent, generational superstar at the lebron james / kevin durant level. he's also one of three cover athletes for nba 2k16, which will be out in october. the other two, james harden and reigning mvp stephen curry, have already gotten videos in which spike lee narrates their rises to fame.



"when people talk about the greatest ever, i want to be in that conversation," davis says at the beginning of the video. considering what he's done already and the fact that he's only 22, it's not a stretch to imagine that he will be discussed in those terms by the time his career is over.


last season, davis played in 68 games, averaging 36.1 minutes played, 24.4 coins 10.2 rebounds and a league-high 2.9 blocks per game, all-star team of the year (1 team) and the best defensive team ( 2 teams), and later led the team return to the playoffs for the first time since 2011.


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