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nba 2k17 grand badge shot creator guide

Date: 10/28/2016 2:41:11 PM

nba 2k17 badge is one of the most popular game contents in mycareer. grand badge shot creator is the badge that many player want to unlock. learn more about this badge with and find out how to unlock it.

nba 2k17 badge grand badge earned

congratulations! you've taken your shot creating ability to an elite level. which has earned you the shot creator pro grand badge. when you're "hot" in a game. shot creator pro will activate inside of your player indicator and for a small period of time. your ability to create and knock down shots will reach heights seldom seen before.

nba 2k17 grand badge shot creator guide

nba 2k17 settings

1. if you want to unlock grand badge shot creator, you need to have enough playing time and a rather high scoring rate. for example, if you the game difficulty that you choose is the hall of fame, then the game will be difficult to play. as a result, you won't be able to have high stats to unlock the badge. therefore, we need to set up the game. 

game difficulty:rookie

quarter length:12 minutes

shot creator badges

nba 2k17 shot creator badge

difficult shots: often try to shoot three-coiners from a distance

tear dropper: many shootings and high field-goal percentage

tireless scorer: when the teammate holds the ball, choose the unguarded area to catch and shoot

ankle breaker: double move leading to a score 

mid-range deadeye: mid-range jump shot and fadeaway jump shot

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