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nba 2k17 badge guide:how to get ankle breaker hall of fame badge in nba 2k17

Date: 11/15/2016 3:11:20 PM

nba 2k17 has various badges; bronze, silver, gold and most importantly hall of fame for you  to unlock. all the players are curious about how to unlock them in the game. but some badges are just too difficult to get. one of these is the ankle breaker badge. in this guide well show you what your player should do in order to unlock ankle breaker bronze badge. 

nba 2k17 ankle breaker hall of fame badge guide:


game difficulty: rookie

quarter length: 12 minutes

nba 2k17 badge guide settings

ankle breaker badge can be unlocked, when you get the animation for 200 times. it has to say "ankle breaker" in the top right corner in order for it to count towards the badge. you have to perform a "double move which leads to score". make sure that either drive or shoot and make the basket, if you make a dribble combo.

nba 2k17 badge guide how to get ankle breaker badge in nba 2k17

once you earn the bronze badge, you can purchase the silver and gold upgrades with vc and after that get the hall of fame badge. that when you get ankle break gold / hall of fame badge, most of the step back animation will break ankles in nba 2k17. if you want to buy nba 2k17 mt and nba 2k17 vc, is always your best choice. use coupon "2k17" can enjoy a 5% discount.

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