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nba 2k17 badge guide:how to get posterizer badge in mycareer

Date: 11/2/2016 3:55:16 PM

anyone know a reliable way to get this badge for a character with low contact and driving dunk stats? will bring you nba 2k17 badges tips: how to get posterizer badge in mycareer.

how to get the posterizer badge?

call for screen

drive to the basket

destroy whoever tries to help down low

nba 2k17 posterizer badge

steal the ball,then run the fastbreak wait for the pg to go under the basket then post him up deep enough and dunk on his ♥♥♥ with left and right trigger+ left and right stick toward the basket it will give you contact dunk 9/10.

make sure you have equipped all three contact dunks animations, 2k vc each i did it with slasher in 3-4 games max on rookie 12 min, run iso, go to the side, quick cross towardt th paint and go to the rim, that way u can unlock both posterizer and relentless finisher

i have this badge on two of my players and you need to get 20 contact dunks whenever! you can make 1 in a season and you will still get it after 20 seasons. so don't bother yourself with this consecutive game thing.

i suggest you to equip tomahawk dunks for your player. unequip other dunks and equip only tomahawks. when you are in the game, call the high screen, get past defenders and dunk the ball in! sometimes it will be a layup, sometimes just a non-contact dunk, sometimes you will throw the defender down but still not get it...but keep trying!

you need to get "contact dunk" in your teammate grade feedback. when you get it 20 times, you'll get the badge.

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