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languagetype_en nba 2k16:can father-son, coach-player relationship work in nba?

Date: 9/23/2015 3:04:21 PM

in the vastness of the nba world, the relationship between coach-player is one hot topic, both duncan and popovich league so mutually supportive, rondo and carlisle this wrangling mentoring, more of a presence of both the differences and mutual respect can not even leave.

1.[allen iverson & larry - brown]

allen iverson and larry brown - this mentoring full story, once the existence of grievances, according to brown used to  said that iverson not only had its own curse, but also nearly beat his own meal, but iverson and larry - brown was jointly created a lot of brilliant, brown also said he did not regret later coached iverson, and proud of it.


2. [anthony & george karl -]

 anthony was under the command of coach karl biggest brand stars, is the most trusted players carr, but the two eventually a lot of  contradictions due to various reasons, the final outcome is anthony was traded to the knicks in recent years had also shelled carl anthony is not a great player, not as good as kobe is so dare to take responsibility ... i believe carl anthony heart was full of hope, but the two conflicts ruined everything. a presence of both the differences and mutual respect can not even leave.


3. [kobe bryant & phil - jackson]

kobe bryant and the "master" together for a total of five lakers won the championship, but in fact the two are not always a close relationship, according to phil - jackson revealed that he had, and there is a contradiction between kobe bryant, the two had many disputes and conflicts , but these have no effect on relations between the two on the basketball court, finally won so many honors, in fact, bryant left the "master" and then without any success, but he is also a "master" after jordan's most proud of the apprentice



4. [wade & spoelstra]

wade has publicly and coach spoelstra bickering in the game, the two men appeared seemingly contradictory, but in fact the interdependence between them, wade also explained that the quarrel is like a family, like the quarrel, did not hurt the feelings of the two.


5. [jason frederick kidd & frank vogel]

kidd had been under the command of the players during play frank, the relationship between the two periods working good, very trust between each other, so when you become a coach after kidd retired, he took the initiative to invite frank to join the coaching staff, but it did not take long, kidd dismissal frank, and mentor completely divided.


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