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languagetype_en "nba 2k16" resolve of the advantages and disadvantages

Date: 9/29/2015 4:37:03 PM

"nba 2k16" many players have experienced, different experiences of different people, to bring some players to share the following "nba 2k16" early play reviews experiences analytical advantages and disadvantages, with a look at the advantages and disadvantages of it.

action! more natural human joints move closer to the action is the first i have mentioned. the ball can be fast or slow can be high or low, reminiscent of the street course experienced uncle fed the ball. germany close to the natural inertia and buffering live. the players seem to have a charm, watching paul, watching harden, you can not seem to ask for more.


the disadvantage is that, blocks and steals overkill trend.


interface. nba2k two years, a drastic change in accordance with the characteristics of this for the interface steadily. game stop vertical interface refreshing, great design sense. the main interface buttons like vending machines in general, allowing the player to feel a heart.


career mode seems big blow. spike lee did not bring much new. a lot of positive face close-range shot just preaching to the extent fatigued.


mc mode is the 2k16 selling coin, by the new york knicks iron spike lee writing the script, about a high school student from the cock wire you step by step to become nba superstar player story. after a period of cg, will enter a private court, this time you can practice operating here, decorate your stadium (stadium of small to large basket can be edited, but the material needs of all vc later) can invite your friends demonstrate their inside game.


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