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nba live mobile tips: how to score and win the game

Date: 1/11/2017 2:09:18 PM

nba live mobile is the most popular basketball mobile video games. many beginners are often unable to complete the task since they are not familiar enough with the game. how do we effectively score and win the game in nba live mobile?

nba live mobile tip 3 coins



three-coiners are familiar to us. players rushing fast over to score three-coiners. the best positions are the two on the picture above where players often complete continuous scores.

2. post-up play

it depends on luck if the post-up play can perform outside shot. generally, you can use inside player to do this. it's 90% possible that two opponent players will double team you. if there is no double team, the hit rate will be very high.

3. second effort

layup is recommended after inside the front panel. you can directly ignore the computer interference.

4. move fadeaway

it's recommended to choose players with high speed and great ability. you can score as long as you get rid of the defensive player. 

5. ordinary fadeaway

every player can complete this move. please do it slowly and without other's interference. it's recommended to carry the ball outside of the free throw line.

6. ordinary jump shot

this move is easy. i believe you are not bad at the raining field. i recommend backward throw and carry the ball. by the way, current centers are very good at throwing. deandre jordan can throw outside the line and is also a good choice. 

nba live mobile guide 1

7. dunk

with the previous games, it was very easy to score by dunking. but now it's very likely to fail regardless of the platforms. you can do a fast-break dunk after steal and dribble into the inside to dunk. nba players with high height will rush towards upon the sight of you. as long as they are in control of their own defensive player, it's absolutely possible to score.

8. layup

there are the layup with physical contact and layup without physical contact. 

when it comes to layup without contact, as long as the opponent nba centers don't block, you will score 100%. with layup with contact, you only need to keep 2 coins and you will have 50% chance to score. 1. you are close enough to the basket. 2. only one player interfere you.

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