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nba live mobile guide and tips: how to refill stamina and get nba live coins fast

Date: 12/1/2016 5:23:56 PM

beginners are new to nba live mobile and are not familiar with some game modes and basic features. here provides gamers with a detailed guide on how to refill stamina and how to get nba live mobile coins.

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how to quickly refill stamina in nba live mobile

the biggest problem for many nba live mobile beginners is the lack of stamina. however, the stamina only restores by 1 coin every 10 minutes, which is rather slow. how can we effectively refill stamina?

1. recharge nba cash

it's the quickest and easiest way. sometimes you need to invest in the beginning if you want to play the game well and enjoy more. 

2. upgrade will automatically refill stamina

in the game, upgrade in level will automatically refill stamina. therefore, you need to upgrade at the right time. for example, you can level up when there are still 1 or 2 stamina coins, so that you can quickly have enough stamina for various daily takes.

how to get nba live mobile coins?

nba live mobile coins are the most important item in nba live. currently, there are three ways to earn nba live coins.

1. choose nba live coins store—buy nba live mobile coins

on, nba live mobile coins are very cheap with fast delivery. nba live mobile coins 1000k=7.46 usd. you can use coupon code "2k17" for 5% off. it's very cost effective. 

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2. resell players on transfer market

there are generally two ways: buy low and sell high and hoard and sell. 

buy low and sell high: find some gold players and rare materials, which takes a lot of time looking at the market. for example, you can choose wade, downs and thomas and legendary card as material

hoard and sell: it takes time and patience and an insight for the transfer market. take red kobe bryant for example, retirement card worth collecting will see a high increase in price as the game updates.  

3. pack opening

it takes a bit luck, and is like gambling. when you are lucky, you can earn a lot of nba live coins by only one pack opening. of course, it takes recharge as an investment. 

nba live mobile ios and android is the same platform. if you need to buy cheap nba live coins, you can choose buy nba live mobile cons, and use coupon code "2k17" for 5%. enjoy the game. 

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