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nba live mobile team guide: select small ball players 85 isaiah thomas and 85 anthony davis

Date: 2/1/2017 11:45:32 AM

in nba live mobile, players in different teams have a variety of choices, how to choose a reasonable player to become the characteristics of this game. in the small ball team, check out's nba live mobile team guide.

nba live mobile small team

small ball team

pg: 85 ovr isaiah thomas

sg: 84 ovr victor oladipo

sf: 84 ovr jimmy butler

pf: 84 ovr draymond green

c: 85 ovr anthony davis

+2 spd and +2 dri

believe isaiah thomas or not this card is the pg center player in the game and the best big moment pull ever , he makes every shot and he is crazy at layups in traffic , don't look at these zeroes and his overall, and don't you ever exchange him . he is a beast.

draymond green defensive rebounding iq-92, on ball effectiveness-96. he is a beast.

davis's awesome as a center. some rebounding strength would've been nice but his shot block, shot alter and dunk rating are superb.

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