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nba live mobile legends player review: amar'e stoudemire and micheal ray richardson

Date: 2/5/2017 10:09:49 AM

ea released two new legends in nba live mobile, you can learn about legends player review and some fans' usage of this card in nba live mobile at


94 ovr amar'e stoudemire '10 (two-way lineup: pf)

94 ovr micheal ray richardson '85 (defensive lineup; pf)

micheal ray richardson can be pulled through packs while amar'e stoudemire can be earned by completing his legends set. to complete the amar'e stoudemire set you will need the following:

1 legend trophy

3 2010 featured year collectibles

2 phoenix sunds team collectibles

1 number 1 jersey collectible

15 elite trophies 

will you be adding any of these legends to your lineup? 

94 ovr amar'e stoudemire '10


1. amar'e is good dunker and inside shooter but his d skills aren't very good, pettit is still much better in that part.

2. offensive rebounds stats are lame. bob pettit is better. he has block & shooting skills which is good. 

94 ovr micheal ray richardson '85


1.because his rebounding skills suck. but just focus on each skill instead of total skills, you'll never use him for rebounds because he's pg so he'll do great for you with that steal.

2. amazing def. pg: (26+ 85 hidden stats)

96 agility

94 clutch

97 conditioning

87 contested shots

89 court vision

89 first step

88 go-to guy

88 hustle

93 interception

87 inside shooting ability

91 inside shooting likelihood

88 layup dunk aggressiveness

93 layup in traffic

94 on ball effectiveness

3. if he had 84~ 3 pts this card would be extinct, but now after few weeks we can get him for 500k. by the way, is waiting for you to buy nba live mobile coins.

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