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nba live mobile big moments player review: rudy gobert and dion waiters

Date: 2/6/2017 10:50:27 AM

ea released two big moments player in nba live mobile, you can learn about big moments player review and some fans' usage of this card in nba live mobile at

nba live mobile big moments

89 ovr rudy gobert (big man lineup; c)

84 ovr dion waiters (shooting lineup; sg)

will you be adding any of these players to your lineup?

89 ovr rudy gobert

86 shot block but the shot alter is a 94. he also has a lil bit of an inside shot now (his siggy in the shooting lineup did not) pretty good though.

84 ovr dion waiter

should've been atleast 95 clutch. 89 three coiners and 95 shooting as he was hot for 33 that night. he should have better speed, dunk, dribbling, and clutch. this overall is underrated.

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