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nba live mobile player review guide: klay thompson '15

Date: 2/4/2017 11:43:10 AM

ea released 92 ovr throwback klay thompson '15 and he is currently available in packs. you can learn about klay thompson '15 review and some fans' usage of this card in nba live mobile at

klay thompson '15

let us know what you think about klay thompson's ratings and if you will be adding him to your small ball lineup?

1. klay thompson '15 ovr: speed-85, dribbling-81, 3 coiner-90, shooting-84, defense-77, passing-81, special ability-small ball.

2. does anyone else think throwbacks should only be for players out of their prime.

3. the throwback card and design relates to cny. that's not what he wore in the description "scored 39 pts in third quarter including 5 3-coiners" and obviously not related to chinese new year. cool card art tho but irrelevant. 

4. 96 clutch

90 contested shots

91 go-to-guy

89 shooting touch

96 shooting streak

96 streak

93 shooters mentality is beast.

5. this card is nothing major different to the winter version.

6. although 92 klay is a beast and we love this card, tmac is still the best choice for small ball lineup. or do you care nothing but just want to play nba live mobile? if so, here is a chance for you to get cheap nba live mobile coins by clicking here.

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