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list of nba 2k series (from 2k to 2k16) cover athletes

Date: 5/27/2015 5:03:16 PM

from nba 2k (1999), the first game in the nba 2k series, to the soon to be released 2k 16 (2015), there is one new 2k game released each year. the nba 2k is the world’s most popular series of basketball video games, with all its game data synchronized with the latest nba season. it is always a great honor for a player to be featured as the nba 2k cover athlete. here is a list of nba 2k series cover athletes.


nba 2k :iverson


nba 2k1:iverson


nba 2k2:iverson


nba 2k3:iverson


nba 2k4:iverson


nba 2k5:ben wallace


nba 2k6:shaquille o'neal


nba 2k7:shaquille o'neal


nba 2k8:chris paul


nba 2k9:kevin garnett


nba 2k10:kobe bryant


nba 2k11:michael jordan


nba 2k12:michael jordan,larry joe bird,earvin johnson


nba 2k13:blake griffin,kevin durant,rose


nba 2k14:lebron james


nba 2k15:kevin durant


nba 2k16:stephen curry,james harden,kevin durant?


nba 2015 is coming to an end with warriors facing cavaliers in the final. who do you think will be the nba 2k16 cover athletes? if you are looking to buy nba 2k15 mt coins, you can buy mt coins on which offers attractive prices.


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