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NBA 2K21 Next Gen Best Build - How to Make Zion Williamson Build On Next Gen

Date: 12/24/2020 4:14:38 PM

Today, ladies and gentlemen, we're bringing back a fan favorite build from 2K21 Current Gen. we've got the Zion Williamson slasher build, we’re going to show you guys a very unique way to make this build now.

First and foremost, this is a unique build and this isn’t the same build that everybody else has, and it’s really like the actual NBA player, so without further introduction, let’s get into it! 

As you guys know, Zion Williamson technically is listed at six foot six, but the lowest we can go on power forward is six foot seven, and then we're gonna go 243lbs on weight because that's gonna give us the highest post control with 95 strength, as well as having the best speed with this build. the same thing with the wingspan, wingspan is set on seven-foot, it's gonna give us the 99 driving dunk at 99 overall and of course the body shape you can either go Built or Burley. 

And moving on to Attributes. guys, keep this in mind when you're upgrading your builds, some of the attribute ratings could help you get more badges. For example, if you were taking away some of the driving layups and put it on the close shot, or the other way around, you would get a little bit more badges. Or in another scenario, you can’t upgrade the perimeter defense all the way. As mentioned before, this build is going to be very unique. So this is how the combination of the attributes pans out:



        Close shot: 25-86

        Driving layup: 25-70

        Driving dunk: 25-95

        Standing dunk: 25-70

        Post control: 25-82


        Mid-range shot: 25-79

        Three-point shot: 25-80

        Free throw: 25-37


        Pass accuracy: 25-51

        Ball handle: 25-64

        Speed with ball: 25-81


        Interior defense: 25-25

        Perimeter defense: 25-80

        Steal: 25-25

        Block: 25-85

        Offensive rebound: 25-83

        Defensive rebound: 25-92


        Speed: 25-81

        Acceleration: 25-76

        Strength: 25-95

        Vertical: 25-92

        Stamina: 25-93


Now, this is the best part of this build, which is going to make it a lot of fun. we've got the slashing takeover, just run to the basket get contact dunks. You can choose a spot out with spot-up precision and limitless range, or glass cleaning takeover. but the best part about this build is if we watch Zion any in his career so far, the first year, the games that we gotta see, he definitely likes to post up everybody. it doesn't matter how tall they are, he even did on Stephen Adams, which is his teammate this year. but we can get post scoring takeover, as an advanced post moves, you can drive by people, clear them out with power back downs and get contact dunks. or you could fade away, because this build had a great mid-range especially at 99, to where we'll be able to consistently hit fades. so all around, this is a very unique build, post scoring takeover, 99 strength, 99 driving dunk. and we're going to be able to get pro to dribble moves and speed boost, so overall you can consider the Finishing Moves as the primary takeover and Advanced Post Moves as the secondary takeover. 

Glass Cleaning Slasher.

As you can see, what the build comes out to, it's a Glass Cleaning Slasher. With the shades of John Collins, Zion Williamson, and Pascal Siakam

And comes down to the badges arrangement, this build has 19 Finishing Badges, 7 Shooting Badges, 14 Defense/Rebounding Badges, and 14 Playmaking Badges. And there's a ton of different ways that you could upgrade this build. For example, once you can hit legend, you will be having 29 on Finishing Badges. And this will allows you to use different badges. And if you only want primarily be a slasher heatseeker, the best badges you can definitely use are Posterizer, Pro Touch is going to help us finish around the rim. Rise Up can help to get more standing dunks. Slithery Finisher upgrade to Hall Of Fame/Gold. And then you can also try out Fearless Finisher, Back Down Punisher to test the waters.

So that’s all for today’s content, if you want to read more tutorial on NBA 2K21 Next Gen, then check out the news section on  

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