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NBA 2K21 Biggest Updates - Updates For New Every Player Likeness, My City And More

Date: 12/17/2020 3:31:00 PM

Christmas is around the corner,  snow already arrives in the city. We are all super expected a new update of NBA 2K21 current-gen. At we will bring you the new patch of NBA 2K21 holiday-themed Mycity, 2k current-gen player likeness updates details.

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NBA 2K21 My City Winter Updates

NBA 2K21 patch 3 released on PS5 and Next-Gen on 15th December. Keeping with the tradition of updating the neighborhood, 2k decked a whole festive and Christmas themed city.

There’s an incredible winter-themed view update in 2K21 Next-Gen beast to the east, north side nights, western wildcats, south city and center of the city park.


NBA 2K21 Current-Gen Every Player Likeness Updates

Every new player likeness update released on December 1st, 2020. Next, we are going to list all brand new NBA 2K21 current-gen player likeness or signature facial animation updates.

1.Jimmy Butler 


2. D’Angelo Russell


3. Jayson Tatum


4. Trey Burke


5. Phil Jackson

phill jackson

6. Christian Wood


7. James Harden

James Harden

8. Russell Westbrook


9. Demar Derozan


10. Blake Griffin


11. Devin Booker

devin boo

12. Kobe Bryant


13. Lamelo Ball


14. Javale Mcgee



NBA 2K21 December Updates - After Patch Value

After changing patch launched in NBA 2K21 December, How shot quickness can affect shot contest? For example, we take 100 shots on the same spot on each shot speed, in that case, we have 5 shot speeds. Speed levels include very slow, slow, normal, quick, and very quick. There’s the speed restriction based on height, remove integrator badge and dead eye, because there might be some badges that active on one shot but it won’t activate another one. Very quick doesn’t get much boost in terms of decrease in the challenge, meaning in terms of the challenge it’s ok to leave it just on quick. Furthermore, it’s a sweet spot that will be quick in terms of the contest.


NBA 2K21 Jumpshot Creator

Height  Max Speeds

5’7 - 6’3’’= very quick

6’7 - 6.9’’ = quick

6’10 - 7’3’’ = normal


Average Challenge On Shot Speeds

Very Slow 23.76%

Slow 21.65%

Normal 19.53%

Quick 17.78%

Very Quick 16.98%

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