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NBA 2K21 Next Gen Worst Shooting Badges - Don't Waste Badges Points For Tier D Badges In 2K21 Next-Gen

Date: 2/3/2021 11:51:09 AM

In the previous article, we talked about the Best Best Shooting Badges in NBA 2K21, here we bring you the next episode the worst NBA 2K21 next gen shooting badges for point guards, each finishing badge ratings will be categorized into 5 tiers: S, A, B, C, D, we listed the Tier D shooting badges in Next Gen 2K21. Make sure we choose the best badges, don’t waste badges points for the bad badges. There’re a lot of overpowered badges you can equip to get more boost as a point guard.


NBA 2K21 Next Gen Worst Shooting Badges - Don't Waste Badges Points For Tier D Badges In 2K21 Next-Gen


Tier D - Antifreeze

Reduces the likelihood of getting cold and losing takeover after taking poor shots. When you start to build your takeover, if you throw a turnover or have a bad possession, you are going to lose all your takeover. Antifreeze goes to Tier D shooting badges in NBA 2K21 next-gen because there are more important badges to equip.


Tier D - Clutch Shooter

Shot attempts that occur during the final moments of the 4th quarter, or in any overtime period, received a large boost. Clutch Shooter increases the ability to knock down shots and clutch moments. In a word, this Clutch Shooter you are not going to utilize often. And it’s not an effective NBA 2K21 next-gen shooting badge.


Tier D - Corner Specialist

Three-point shots taken along the baseline of the court receive a boost, whether it is off the dribble or off a catch. The corner specialist has a point guard which gives a boost to shots taken in the corner. The reason why this shooting badge goes to Tier D is that it shouldn’t be a point guard in the corner.


Tier D - Fade Ace

Shot Boost to post fadeaways taken from any distance. Fade Ace is the badge that improves the ability to shoot post fades. As far as concerned, this shooting badge fully depends on playstyle, where guards fading are unstoppable in NBA recently, but most players are good at shooting fades without Fade Ace. There’s a difference between the hall of fame fade ace and have nothing but you can still green fades.


Tier D - Ice In Veins

Free throws taken in the second half of close games overtime periods are given a boost. Also, the timing window for free throws becomes larger. It improves a player’s free throw percentage in critical moments. In fact, Ice In Veins is not the worst badges in NBA 2K21 next gen. Since you can hit your free throw this year, and add a meter for your free throw.


Tier D - Set Shooter

Gives a shot boost after standing still before taking a jump shot. For set shooter, the shooting ability gets better, the longer you sit and wait before pulling. Though this badge can be utilized for other positions, however, this is not a good NBA 2K21 next gen badge for a point guard.


Tier D - Slippery Off-Ball

When attempting to get open off screens, the player more effectively navigates through traffic. Slippery Off-Ball strengthens the players’ ability to get off-ball. But as a point guard, you won’t be in too many off-ball situations, unless your defense demands that, thus making it an NBA 2K21 next-gen D Tier badge for point guards.


Tier D - Sniper

Jump shots taken with an aiming stick will receive a boost when aimed correctly. Sniper boosts the ability to hit shots when using pro stick aiming. But if you are not greening exactly, this badge could help you get into the range, even if you shoot slightly early or late. You will have to use stick aim, analog stick in order to use this badge to boost already good jump shot shots. You can add Sniper as supplementary badges if you get 30 shooting badges. The truth is, there are a handful of players who use the aim stick.

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At last, we listed all the 2K21 next gen D tier badges that you do not need for shooting. There are more stable and overpowered shooting badges up top that will help you increase more ability. If you are interested in more effective NBA 2K21 Guides stay tuned for our news list.

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