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NBA 2K21 Best Dribble Moves - Advanced Dribble Tutorial And Settings Turn You Into A Dribble God

Date: 4/9/2021 5:55:49 PM

Becoming a dribble god in NBA 2K is one thing that players have been fighting for. Do you want to move like Kyrie Irving? Here bring the best NBA 2K21 dribble moves and dribbing settings for beginners and pro players, that turns you into a demigod. Even small moves can help you get open and score more.


NBA 2K21 Dribbling Tutorial - Best  & Fastest Dribble Moves In NBA 2K21

It’s generally recognized that dribbling is the most important thing in 2K. We are going to break down the NBA 2K21 best dribble moves and hand controls for PS & Xbox. There are 6 overpowered dribbling moves in total, some are quite challenging dribble moves for pros, some are easy but effective dribble moves for beginners in NBA 2K21. Including 2 hesitations which you can catch a defender off guard, pro 2 spam, explosive behind the back and spin back. The more you practice these glitched 2k21 dribble moves, the better dribbler you will become.


Hesitation Moves Version 1

Starting with the best easy dribble moves in NBA 2K21, do a speed boost glitch off to get open, it’s only one flick of the stick. All you need to do is taking your player whatever the hand the ball is in, flick your right stick diagonally up to the right on the ball hand and give you that animation. So far, this is the best speed boost and hesitation moves in the game. If you are standing still and want huge momentum, just simply take off the speed boost glitch.


Hesitation Moves Version 2

The second effective dribble move NBA 2K21 is a different version of the first one. You can obviously do this people's glitch off this, but it's another kind of hesitation move that's going to put you in a situation where the defender is frozen. You can go right behind the people's glitch. Basically, you're going to be standing still, hold the t. Whenever the ball is on left, you're going to flick the right stick to the left. If the ball is in the right hand, hold our t flick your right stick to the right, which gives you the quick animation.


Pro 2 Spam

Pro 2 spam is the best move in this NBA 2K21 dribble moves tutorials. To spam is flick the right stick up and it gives you that animation. Take your left stick and flick it a tiny bit backward, try to race it up one more time flick right stick up, left stick down, right stick up. Just make sure you’re taking the step back between every move, or you will get slow animations instead. The truth is, you have to flick really quickly. The more practice, the better you will be since this is relatively hard NBA 2K21 dribble moves controls. Until you have fast dribble moves every time and your speed boost goes off that. This is an insane dribble move NBA 2K21 and catches them off guard.


Explosive Behind The Back

This is an overpowered 2k21 dribble move because you can do anything you want anywhere. What you're going to want to do is: let's say there are balls in your right hand, flick the right stick diagonally down to the left, because you want to go behind the back and to the left. Flick your left stick to the left in order to run that way. Basically, go back and forth to get it down, you can spam it. Make sure to practice this effective move, getting the first one down and slowly getting better than getting to spam.


Momentum Spam

Momentum spam is one of the most op NBA 2K21 dribbling moves, also gets your defender. Learn the first momentum: if you want a momentum dribble, move your right stick up and your left stick to the right. If your ball is in the right hand, right stick up a left stick to the left. It just goes to your opposite hand, the right stick is always going to go up and your left stick is going to go to the opposite ball hands. Then keep spamming your right stick up and keep switching back and forth your left stick on which direction it's going.


Spin Back

Spin back is one of the harder moves you're going to learn in this game. To spin back, run in from whatever direction you want like. Let's say run from the right, run to the straight ahead with the ball on your right hand and take your right stick from 12 to 3 to 6 like clock, spin it backward and half spin. If the ball is on your left hand, left stick from 12 to 9 to 6. Depends on which hands your balls are, affects which way you are going to turn your stick. Your opponents will always fall for it, especially on twos.

Best NBA 2K21 Controller Setting For Dribbling  

The dribbling controller settings just the same important as the skills. First thing first, make sure the pro stick function on default, so that you can shoot and dribble with the pro stick. What’s more, you're able to dunk the ball then do your dribble move. Another 2K dribbling tip is making sure pro stick orientation on absolute. Imagine if you're in the corner or from the top of the key, it's going to be the same exact controls for dribbling and it won't be changed no matter where you're on the court.


That's all the dribbling tips and skills for beginners or advanced players in 2K. And nothing is more important than the fact that practice effective NBA2K21 dribble moves, just to become a dribble god. If you ever need to buy NBA 2K21 MT Coins, go to

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