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NBA 2K21 Best Badges Next Gen And Current Gen - Top 10 Best Shooting, Playmaking, Finishing and Defensive Badges In 2K21

Date: 4/14/2021 10:36:47 AM

Have you ever upgrade your player and unlock the badges, are you confused with which is the best badge to put on in NBA 2K21? Or is it the most effective badge that you are using? Whether you tired of grinding MyCarieer or trying you saving time grinding for badges and overall? Here, let's check out the top 10 NBA 2K21 next gen and current gen best badges for shooting, playmaking, finishing and defensive, whilst a badge glitch after patch, to get instant 99 overall and all badges.


 NBA 2K21  Next Gen And Current Gen Best Badges  - Top 10 Best Shooting, Playmaking, Finishing and Defensive Badges In 2K21

Nowadays, a lot of people have gotten a lot better at shooting, playmaking, finishing and defending. Cause the fact that makes a lot of badges changed and not as important as before. But badges are the most essential thing in NBA 2K21 for building up badges points in each category and improve your shooting, playmaking, finishing, and defensive skills to the next level. Next, we are going to break down the best badges in NBA 2K21 next gen and current gen, which get you to contact dunks, more greens, high frequency and more abilities. Some of the badges 2k21 that were overpowered last year and didn't get patched even now. If you don't have enough badges, there's a  game-breaking NBA 2K21 badge glitch to max out your badges at the end of this guide.


No.10 - Showtime

Pretty much every paint beast or inside center that plays with a play shot is going to have this badge in NBA 2K21, almost every big man build has this badge on him. It's a very useful badge When it comes to the aspect of helping people get their takeovers a lot faster, anytime you get a contact dunk or freaky dunk, you're going to be giving you and your teammates plus takeovers. Showtime is a must-have overpowered NBA 2K21 badge for paint beast and center.


No.9 - Green Machine

This is the NBA 2K21 best shooting badge to anybody that's struggling to green. Not only helping people get greens much easier, but also make your percentage higher on that next shot. If you get a green and you wide it, it's going to still have you have a higher chance of making that shot. Moreover, it makes your green window a lot bigger. Green Machine is the last place of top 10 best NBA 2K21 shooting badge.


No.8 - Floor General

Floor general is still overpowered shooting badges NBA 2K21 when it comes to being able to reach thresholds such as be able to get contact dunks, momentum, and speed boost at the highest tier, especially get to a certain tier for shooting. You can get it up to plus 4 to all your teammate's offensive attributes, plus 1 is bronze, plus 2 is silver, plus 3 is gold and plus 4 is hall of fame. It's still a good badge but not important anymore, due to the fact that everyone is able to shoot a lot better now.



No.7 - Hot Zone Hunter

With hot zone hunter, it will be much easier to shoot within your hot zones and be able to green more. So your make percentage in your hot zones is going to be exponentially bigger than the spots that don't have hot zones, then make your green window much bigger. High zone hunter is a must-have game-breaking badge in NBA 2K21.


No.6 - Range Extender

Without a doubt, the range extender is the NBA 2K21 best shooting badge that helps you get green consistently. It’s the most important shooting badge that focuses on deep twos on the line threes in deep three as well. It extends your range and it makes it easier to shoot within your range. For instance, you’re able to shoot from the logo, with this badge, you can shoot easily on the three-point line, shoot from the corner.


No.5 - Ankle Breaker

Ankle breaker is an NBA2K21 insane badge when it comes to making people do any type of animations. Put ankle breaker on, you do the simplest and easiest move that makes people stumble, just sit there and just try to figure out what's going on. In addition, it gets way worse animations on people. Ankle breaker is going to help you get open and take advantage in two-on-one situations.


No.4 - Contact Finisher

Contact finisher is the NBA 2K21 best badge finishing to get contact dunks and give you points. Not only it adds on the percentage that you get but also has a crazy high frequency. If you have contact dunks, that’s a 20% chance of getting contact dunks. Bronze will be 35% on top. 50% on silver, 65% on gold and 80% on hall of fame. No mention that if you had slasher takeover that gets you to contact dunks every possession. This year slasher so overpowered that no matter what you're driving dunk is, even if you don't have contact dunks on, you can get a contact dunk pretty much every single time. Contact finisher is also one of the best dunking badges in NBA 2K21.


No. 3 Rim Protector

Rim Protector is the best of the best badges in NBA 2K21. Anytime you get a block, you're helping your takeover and your teammates’ takeover. Furthermore, anytime somebody comes into the paint will get you more blocks and have new block animations such as snatch blocks. They have contact dunks and block animations within rim protector. There are not any packages you have to buy, just in the badge. You will be able to get these blocks like contact dunk animations for guards, but they put guards and slashers into these animations to get blocked. That's how overpowered rim protector is!


No.2 - Slithery Finisher

Slithery Finisher is in an insanely different level that gives you the best animation and makes you have a higher dunk frequency in turn additionally. If you use this NBA 2K21 most overpowered finishing badge, you will be getting a lot more contact dunks, you can dunk the ball on it. Slithery finisher also can make your layups have an even lower contest because it's actually giving you the best animation possible and sliding through the defense to give you an open layup even if someone's standing under the rim.  It’s the best 2k21 badge in the game where finishing is insanely crazy.


No.1 - Quick First Step

The quick first step is the best top 1 badge in NBA 2K21 even though got slowed down in speed boosting this year. Quick for step is so overpowered, it's because this is how you get open for anything that you're trying to do on offense as a guard, even if you're a big man. You can do the teleport speed boost on any tier of speed boosting (the highest tier is 86 plus speed with ball). When it comes to momentum and crossover that’s based on your ball handle, on the contrary, when it comes to speed-boosting that’s based on your speed with the ball. Put hall of fame quick first step is exponentially faster than everything else. Whether you are trying to go for threes after dribbles, mid-range, contact dunks, dunk, lay-ups or even trying to help people get open for threes, quick first step is the best badges in NBA 2K21.


Best NBA 2K21 Next Gen Badge Glitch - Max Out Badge Glitch In 2K21

The first thing when you come to the does the NBA 2K21 next gen best glitch. Play a warehouse challenge over and over again, because there added some new warehouse patch recently. Besides it, does help you glitch out. As long as you have 20, 000 XP to play warehouse challenge, let’s say you want shooting badges, you want to hit threes. If you are feeling adventurous hit 5. Then throw alley-oops or catch alley-oops use for the rest of the game. Continue to go for shooting badges, get 12 points. Meanwhile, play defense as well in order to get defensive badges. To sum up, the most efficient way is scoring 12 points for threes so that you can get your shooting badges, throw alley-oops and catch alley-oops in the rest of the game, then play defense, you will get 20 000, all kinds of different XPS depends on what you want.

The 10 best badges on NBA 2K21 current gen and next gen that you should grind. If you want to buy NBA 2K21 MT at a cheap price, go to the most legit 2k coins store - Stay tuned for more 2k21 badges for center, paint beast or 2 way finisher. Badges always make 2k a lot more fun, that’s the whole point of a game. 

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