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NBA 2K21 Next Gen & Current Best Small Forward Build - 2 Most Overpowered SF Builds In 2K21

Date: 6/1/2021 5:52:51 PM

Needless to say, last year was a crazy year for small forwards in NBA 2K21, due to the fact that you could dribble and contact dunks on these overpowered SF builds 2K21. In 2021, not every small forward build can dribble at both six foot nine and six foot eight. Here at, we have collected the two best NBA 2K21 next gen and current gen small forward (SF) build that to end all small forward builds on the game.


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Best Small Forward Build NBA 2K21 - Most Overpowered SF Build In 2K21 Next Gen And Current Gen

Defense and rebounding is the most important category, as long as you want to make the best build on NBA 2K21. You will need to know how to play good defense before the NBA 2K22 drop. In the past 2K, we haven’t got the closest to a Kevin Durant build. First, we got you a well-rounded NBA 2K21 next gen Kevin Durant offensive build who can shoot, contact dunk, dribble, finish and play deep threes. The second will be an overpowered small forward build NBA 2K21 current gen that could do everything whether you like to iso, dribble, clip up or shoot.


3 Level Scorer - Best SF Build On NBA 2K21 Next Gen

The is one of the best small forward builds in NBA 2K21 next gen with 71 badge upgrades created by Youtuber Brotha Jones. If you want to be like an actual ball handler like Kevin Durant, go with a 6’8 height that gives you the best stats overall, instead of 6’10 makes your KD lacking in ball control. In the end, you will get a deadly small forward demigod with 80 ball handle, 93 three-ball, 16 finishing badges that allow you to contact dunk at will.

1. Body Settings

    Height: 6'8"

    Weight: 185lbs

    Wingspan: 7'2"

    Body Shape: Slight


2. Attributes


       Close shot: 25-25

       Driving layup: 25-94

        Driving dunk: 25-91

        Standing dunk: 25-87

        Post control: 25-25


        Mid-range shot: 25-90

        Three-point shot: 25-85

        Free throw: 25-89


        Pass accuracy: 25-91

        Ball handle: 25-77

        Speed with ball: 25-82


        Interior defense: 25-25

        Perimeter defense: 25-88

        Steal: 25-25

        Block: 25-71

        Offensive rebound: 25-68

        Defensive rebound: 25-93


        Speed: 25-85

        Acceleration: 25-82

        Strength: 25-25

        Vertical: 25-70

        Stamina: 25-95

3. Choose Your Takeover

Primary: Negative Impact

Secondary: Limitless Range


Sharpshooting Facilitator - Best SF Build On NBA 2K21 Current Gen

This is the new 53 badges NBA2K21 best small forward on current gen created by STAX. Its pie chart for skill is going to be yellow and green. For the physical profile, go with vertical pie charts, because you don’t need much speed and acceleration. If you know how to play defense and like the two-way, you are going to love this 2K21 SF build on current gen. Features 21 playmaking badges, this build can speed boost, dribble, shoot better than a guard and two-way. Then max out literally every defense and rebounding, to get 10 defensive badges. This tall small forward build is going to heavier and stronger compare to a guard.


1. Attributes


       Close shot: 25-57

       Driving layup: 25-49

        Driving dunk: 25-65

        Standing dunk: 25-48

        Post control: 25-30


        Mid-range shot: 25-85

        Three-point shot: 25-82

        Free throw: 25-90

        Post fade: 25-61


        Pass accuracy: 25-85

        Ball handle: 25-76        

        Speed with ball: 25-76


        Interior defense: 25-57

        Perimeter defense: 25-73

        Lateral quickness: 25 -73

        Steal: 25-72

        Block: 25-61

        Offensive rebound: 25-56

        Defensive rebound: 25-70


2. Body Settings

    Height: 6'7"

    Weight: 180lbs

    Wingspan: 84.0’’

    Body Shape: Slight


3. Choose Your Takeover

Spot Up Shooter

That's the two best small forward in 2K21 next gen and current gen that could beat your opponents without making efforts. Are you looking forward to more op NBA 2K21 SF slasher, scoring machine or 3 level scorer build, stay tuned for our news. Buy 2K21 MT coins or 2K22 MT coins, the most reliable online store -

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