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NBA 2K22 Top 10 Best Player Ratings - The Highest Rated Players, 3 Pointers & Dunkers In NBA 2K22 MyTEAM

Date: 8/19/2021 9:13:15 AM

Finally, we got some news about NBA 2K22 MyTEAM, after 2K offering us several next gen screenshots and teasing the best NBA 2K22 player ratings. Suddenly, it becomes a hot debate in the community. Do you know which players ratings get an upgrade or downgrade in NBA 2K22? Who are the best players in NBA 2K22? Here let's look at NBA 2K22 top 10 MyTEAM best player ratings, top 5 best dunkers for NBA 2K22, top 5 best 3 pointers for NBA 2K22, and top 5 best WNBA for 2K22.


NBA 2K22 Top 10 Highest Rated Players - Best Player In NBA 2K22 MyTEAM

First up, we got LaMelo Ball at 84 overall. As a rookie, he started with a 77 rating, now he's at 84. Before the end of this year, his player rating is going to rise even higher. Then we got last year's next-gen cover athlete Zion Williamson with an 89 overall. Look at Trae Young on next gen and he's got an 89 overall rating, considering his playoff run, they should have bumped him up to a 91 overall as well. Cause 89 just seems a little too low. 

Then we have Jason Tatum with a 90 overall, which we are not surprised by due to the fact that he had bumped up to a 90 before the end of the year back in May. The next is our WNBA cover athlete Candace Parker with a 93 overall. Now it's time for Damian Lillard, who has a 94 overall. We have this year's cover athlete Luka Doncic with a 94 overall. We are satisfied with the current reigning league MVP Nikola Jokic who has a 95 overall in NBA 2K22. Because he's definitely one of the most versatile big men in the league. 

We go with some of the highest overalls in NBA 2K22, two-time back-to-back league MVP Stephen Curry with 96 overall. The reigning NBA champions, Milwaukee Bucks big three: Khris Middleton 88 overall, Jrue Holiday 85 overall and Giannis a 96 overall. At last, Kevin Durant with another 96 overall ratings.

2K still have LeBron James on No. 1 2K22 best player who has 96 overall. Both Kevin Durant, Giannis Antetokounmpo and Stephan Curry are 96 overall. They don't want anybody higher than LeBron, so they decided to give everyone a 96 overall. Next, we are bringing you the top 10 2K21 highest-rated players, top 5 best dunkers, top 5 best three-pointers, as well as top 5 best WNBA players.

NBA 2K22 Top 10 Best Player Ratings

No. 1: Lebron James - 96 Overall 

No. 2: Kevin Durant - 96 Overall

No. 3: Stephen Curry - 96 Overall

No. 4: Giannis Antetokounmpo - 96 Overall

No. 5: Joel Embiid - 95 Overall

No. 6: Kawhi Leonard - 95 Overall

No. 7: Nikola Jokic - 95 Overall

No. 8: Luka Doncic - 94 Overall

No. 9: James Harden - 94 Overall

No. 10: Damian Lillard - 94 Overall

More NBA 2K22 Highest Overalls Ratings

Jayson Tatum - 90 Overall

Zion Williamson - 89 Overall

Trae Young - 89 Overall

Khris Middleton - 88 Overall

Rudy Gobert - 88 Overall

Zach LaVine - 87 Overall

Domantas Sabonis - 86 Overall

Jrue Holiday - 85 Overall

LaMelo Ball - 84 Overall

NBA 2K22 Top 5 Best Dunkers Ratings

No. 1: Zion Williamson - 97 Dunk Rating

No. 2: Zach LaVine - 95 Dunk Rating

No. 3: Aaron Gordon - 95 Dunk Rating

No. 4: Derrick Jones Jr. - 94 Dunk Rating

No. 5: Jamorant - 94 Dunk Rating

NBA 2K22 Top 5 Best Three-Pointer Shooters Player Ratings

No. 1: Stephen Curry - 99 3pt Rating

No. 2: Klay Thompson - 95 3pt Rating

No. 3: Joe Harris - 90 3pt Rating

No. 4: Seth Curry - 90 3pt Rating

No. 5: Ducan Robinson - 90 3pt Rating

WNBA 2K22 Top 5 Best Player Ratings

No. 1: Breanna Stewart - 95

No. 2: A'ja Wilson - 94

No. 3: Jonquel Jones - 94  

No. 4: Candace Parker - 93 

No. 5: Brittney Griner- 92 

Those are the NBA2K22 best players! Giannis just won a championship escape injury had one of the greatest finals games in league history and Kevin Durant comes off an Achilles injury, they lost to the bucks in the playoffs, but he put on one hell of a show. The truth is that a lot of them should deserve the highest players rankings NBA 2K22. But 2K did that for some reasons. Anyway, we are expecting more news of NBA 2K22. If you ever need cheap MT coins NBA 2K22 to get the top 10 best player who has the highest rating in NBA 2K22, go to a safe and legit website:!

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