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the final battle of nba2k15 - nba finals: warriors vs cavaliers

Date: 5/30/2015 11:48:42 AM

following a victory 104-90 against the rockets, the warriors advanced to the nba finals with a win 4-1 and will face the cavaliers in the finals. what are some expectations of this much anticipated game?



battle between coaches: steve kerr vs blatt


in the past 15 years, all teams that have won the nba championship have coaches with 12 years (on average) of coaching  experience. kerr and blatt, both being rookie head coaches, are going to boost their confidence to a whole new level with both  teams progressing to the final game.

george senesky has been the first rookie coach whose team won the championship since the establishment of nba. there haven’t  been any rookie coaches who lead their teams to the championship since 1982. who will be the first to have this great honor  again? while kerr and blatt’s coaching performances are not very highly recognized, they are very good at cheering up their  teams. they can make the most of core players-curry and james. they all look forward to the finals.

battle between mvps: curry vs james,perstars of two different eras


james had the best performances of his career in the eastern conference finals with an average 30 coins, 11 rebounds and 9  assists. meanwhile, the regular season mvp curry has set the nba record with 73 3-coin makes in a single postseason. and this  record is expected to be broken again.

selected from 2003 nba draft, veteran superstar james will face the emerging superstar curry. let’s wait and see if they can bring a new era into the game.


battle between two cities: golden state vs cleveland

it's a long awaited battle between golden state warriors and the cleveland cavaliers. cavaliers have never won a single crown in any major professional sports leagues in the us since 1964 when they won a nfl championship.

warriors are also eager to win a nba championship again. their last championship was won in the 1974–75 nba season. for the first time in four decades, they advance to the finals, despite their 11 previous appearances in the playoffs.



new records are expected to be set in the coming 2015 nba finals. both the cleveland cavaliers and the golden state warriors have had impressive performances this season. nba 2k has been going along with the nba for 15 years. this long journey has seen the development of nba and the 2k games and the growth of superstars-iverson, curry and james. let’s wait for the release of nba 2k 16. loads of mt coins are needed if you are going to buy mvp curry and mvp james in nba 2k 15. if you are as fond of playing nba 2k15 as i am, then come to visit / and buy enough mt coins.

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