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NBA 2K22 Current Gen & Next Gen Best Big Man Build - Most Overpowered Big Man Builds In 2K22

Date: 11/17/2021 11:38:06 AM

Spacing the floor is becoming more important to winning games, therefore having a dominant big man in NBA 2K22 is critical to effectively implementing this approach. How to make the best big man build on NBA 2K22? Today, we are going to show you the best big man build in NBA 2K22 current gen and next gen. With these 2K22 big man builds and tips, you can go crazy in rec and park.


NBA 2K22 Current Gen & Next Gen Best Big Man Build - Most Overpowered Big Man Builds In 2K22

2K has actually given us a brand-new build system on current gen. They changed the height, wingspan, and wingspan to change how badges work in the game. Because it doesn’t show you what is doing to the badges until you take it to MyCareer. Next, we are listing the best NBA 2K22 current gen and next gen big man build. If you want to make the NBA2K22 next-gen best big man build just with the speed, the first build is exactly what you want to do. A 7’0 big man with 70 speed which is insane. The second is the best versatile plain beast build in 2K22 current gen, which is all-round for inside big.


NBA 2K22 Next Gen Best Big Man Build

Start with the power forward version of the facilitator. This is the best big man build NBA 2K22 next gen that can fit any lineup. The height is going to be at 7’0, the weight is going to be 227 lbs and the wingspan is going to be maxed. At the end, you will have 15 finishing badges, 21 shooting badges, 14 defense badges and 36 physical badges. This build is made for speed, due to the fact that speed is so important if you want to make an insane NBA 2K22 big man build. You have to use your speed as an advantage. With this dominant 2K22 next-gen big man build you can space out the floor, protect the plaint and give paint beast in the rim run a straight hell.


1. Body Settings

    Height: 7'0"

    Weight: 227 lbs

    Wingspan: 7'10"

    Body Shape: Burly


2. Attributes


       Close shot: 25-50

       Driving layup: 25-53

        Driving dunk: 25-73

        Standing dunk: 25-99

        Post control: 25-25


        Mid-range shot: 25-80

        Three-point shot: 25-75

        Free throw: 25-60


        Pass accuracy: 25-86

        Ball handle: 25-25

        Speed with ball: 25-25


        Interior defense: 25-95

        Perimeter defense: 25-62

        Steal: 25-70

        Block: 25-97

        Offensive rebound: 25-94

        Defensive rebound: 25-94


        Speed: 25-70

        Acceleration: 25-66

        Strength: 25-70

        Vertical: 25-81

        Stamina: 25-84


3. Choose Your Takeover

Primary: Stuff Blocks

Secondary: Paint Intimidation


NBA 2K22 Current Gen Best Big Man Build 

This is going to be the best 2K22 inside big man build on current gen. For the pie chart, choose all defensive, which is going for the attributes and hall of fame badges. For the height, you want to go with 2.02 m that gets you 88 interior defense. If you want to have a +90 threshold, don’t go with 2.02 m, but that’s going to make your speed, perimeter defense, and lateral quickness lower. That’s the reason why we go with 2.02 m for the height. Set your weight at 125 kg and max out your wingspan to get us a close shot, driving dunk, standing dunk, perimeter defense, lateral quickness, steal, block, and more.

1. Pie Chart

Choose Your Skill Break Down: 

Go with all red defensive pie chart

Choose Your Physical Profile: 

Go with the all-round pie chart


2. Attributes


       Close shot: 25-84

       Driving layup: 25-62

        Driving dunk: 25-83

        Standing dunk: 25-83

        Post hook: 25-30


        Mid-range shot: 25-34

        Three-point shot: 25-34

        Free throw: 25-54

     Post Fade: 25-30


        Pass accuracy: 25-67

        Ball handle: 25-51

        Post control: 25-60


        Interior defense: 25-85

        Perimeter defense: 25-76

     Lateral quickness: 25-76

        Steal: 25-78

        Block: 25-93

        Offensive rebound: 25-93

        Defensive rebound: 25-93


3. Choose Your Body Shape

Body shape: Burly

Height: 2.02m

Weight: 125kg

Wingspan: 227cm


4. Choose Your Takeover

Rim Protector


Tips And Tricks To Make The Best Big Man Build In NBA 2K22

Players often choose a big man that is 6’9, 6’10’, 6’11, and 7’0, then jump from 7’0 to 7’3. How tall is too tall for your big man build? 7’3 is a liability because of the speed. 6’9 is too short to run the 5 in NBA K22. Finishing, shooting, rebounding, interior defense, and overall teammate chemistry encompass the best NBA 2K22 big man build. There’s no build 6’9 through 7’3 that can completely take over the game by themselves, as is the case for most builds in any position. This year, the Worm badge has got a tremendous overhaul for NBA 2K22. Once it was a useless badge because of the long animation. Now it is much viable and a lot of big men are choosing to use the Warm badge at a high level. A 7’3 center really takes advantage of the Warm badge, and upgrade to the hall of fame, to push small defenders right out the way and grab the board.

That's the two best big man build for NBA 2K22 current gen and next gen. For more unstoppable NBA 2K22 SF, SG, PG, C and PF build guides, feel free to check our news and tutorial. Buy NBA 2K22 MT, is always a nice choice!

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