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NBA 2K22 New Spotlight Challenges: How to Get Celebrity Cards in 2K22 MyTEAM?

Date: 2/17/2022 3:01:19 PM

Before the All-Star Spotlight Sim drops to the game, a group of new Spotlight challenges is available now in NBA 2K22 MyTEAM, rewarding new celebrity cards. Today, we’ll go over the update, introduce how to get celebrity cards in NBA 2K22, and are these celebrities worth buying. 

2k22 celebrity cards

How to Get Celebrity Cards in NBA 2K22 - NBA 2K22 Celebrity Spotlight Challenges

To earn the first-ever celebrity cards in NBA 2K22, you need to complete the Celebrity Spotlight Challenge in MyTEAM. For the three new celebrity cards, they added The Game, Quavo and Ronnie 2K. To get The Game, all you have to do is play a triple threat game and end up getting 21 points. You must complete The Game to unlock the Quavo challenge and complete the Quavo to unlock the Ronnie 2K challenge. 

Challenge - Difficulty - Reward

The Game - Rookie - Ruby The Game (89 OVR)

Quavo - Rookie - Ruby Quavo (89 OVR)

Ronnie 2K - Rookie - Ruby Ronnie Singh (88 OVR)

The Game: Play against The Game and some of his favorite players in a game of Triple Threat.

Quavo: Play against Quavo and some of his favorite players in a game of Triple Threat. 

Ronnie 2K: Play against Ronnie 2K and some of his favorite players in a game of Triple Threat.

Which Celebrity Cards are Worth Buying - NBA 2K22 Best Celebrities

Are these celebrity cards are worth buying? Let’s go over the stats of these celebrity cards. 


The first one is The Game, he got an 84 three-pointer, 84 speed, 84 driving layup, 80 driving dunk, the stat is not very understanding. He also has no defensive badges, but he really needs some. Quavo got an 84 shot 3pt, 87 speed, 84 shot mid, 87 acceleration, 82 lateral quickness, the steal is not good. He has no defense, he’s got 99 dribble style, D. Lillard moving behind the back, base 12 and release 152. That’s a bit odd that he is a clone of Anfernee Simons, so he is going to get a slasher dribble style. Ronnie Singh is genuinely tall, he got 83 speed, 83 acceleration, 84 block, 80 driving dunk, 82 post moves. And he’s got Amateur 8 base and release.

Are any of these cards good? We have gone through lots of reviews about these celebrities, actually, lots of players do not think they are going to be crazy. They are not worth buying with an amount of 2K MT coins, but you can also complete these challenges and earn these cards for free and play with them to have fun. But you can only use these in single-player games, you can’t even play with them online. 

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