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How To Hit Level 40 Fast In NBA 2K22 Current Gen & Next Gen (Season 5)

NBA 2K22 Season 5: Power Within goes with the new mascots and new affiliation mascots. Players are very eager to rep up and play and the new season. When it comes to rep and leveling up in 2K22, what is the best way to level up at 40 and unlock mascots? At, we break down the best rep method and how to hit level 40 the fastest in NBA 2K22 current gen and next gen.



How To Hit Level 40 Fast In NBA 2K22 Current Gen & Next Gen (Season 5)

The affiliation mascot costume is given to players that reach level 40 in Season 5. The mascot costume of your affiliation will be unlocked on new-generation versions, while on current-generation versions, you will be able to choose the mascot of your choice.

With the help of our NBA 2K22 leveling guide, whether you only play on weekends, you can hit level 40, you work 40/60 hours a week and hit level 40, you go to school every day or you got after school practice, you can still hit level 40. But the problem is a lot of people aren't rep up and they aren't leveling up in the correct way and using all the techniques. Therefore, we are going to give all the secrets for hitting level 40 fast in NBA 2K22 on both current gen and next gen.


Ways To Get 2X & 3X Rep (Extra Rep) In NBA 2K22

When you level up, what you're going to do is unlock XP tokens along the way. What happens is when you're getting games or you're playing really well with your good teammate, make sure you're activating xp tokens if you really want to rep up and you don't have much time. Because that can just help out so much.


The next thing you want to do is go to the game room, make sure you do your daily spin every single day. So you can try to get a 2x rep. If you want rep, you got to be serious about that even just get on some time. If you get it then, maybe you can like utilize it, so that's so key trying for 2x rep.


If you're just going out there and you're playing single rep, you're never going to compete or rep up as fast as people playing these rep events like Dime time and Deck Party in Season 5. If you're serious about gaining rep, every single time they have one of these events, you need to like try to play doing these. You can't just hop onto a single rep and it's about to get you right fast. So make sure you're taking advantage of your 2x, 3x rep opportunities which are usually during the weekends. It's good for everybody to use.


Best Places To Play For Rep In NBA 2K22

We're going to break down exactly the math that you should use while playing the game, which also might be helpful to a lot of people in current gen who don't get games. If you have trouble getting games and you want to rep up fast, you should get three friends to try to make a pro-am team. If you make a pro ram team, you can go to pro-am 33 and you can get instant games every single time. You don't have to wait.


What you can do is go down to the lobby and you can go to the rec center. The rec center is so good if you have a set squad and you're throwing lobs and you're doing the same methods that you're doing it in rec or pro-am. Then that's going to be so key for you repping up. If you have a good xy and you're catching lobs, you're throwing lobs in rec with the longer games, you'll rep up so fast. Rec and pro-am is important tool for people if you're struggling to get games. If you're chill, you get games or you don't mind core hopping a little bit, you can still play park.


NBA 2K22 Current Gen Rep Method

The current gen rep system is based completely off mypoints. If you ever want to check how many mypoints you get, you can go to the end of the game, when you're at the end of the game, press y when it's in the loading rep screen and it'll show you how many mypoints you gained in that game. The more mypoints, the more rep you're going to get. What people don't understand is what kind of action's going to give you mypoints and then what kind of build will contribute to it. If you're serious and you want to gain the most amount of rep, you need playmaking your pie chart or finishing.


That's because those are going to maximize the actions that give you rep so. For mypoints, catching lobs gives you so many reps, whether it's a layout for a dunk. A dunk is going to give you more but catching lobs going to give you a ton of rep. Someone that flashy pass is going to get you um a lot of rep footage. If you're a passer and you have playmaking in your pie chart, throw in lob. The main method people use is throwing lobs and catching lobs. If you're not a certain build, you're just not going to rep up as fast.


The idea for a guard if you want to rep up fast is probably like a play shot, a yellow green shoot in playmaking. The reason for that is it has to playmaking but it's better than the pure yellow. Because a lot of times when you try to throw a lot of assists, they start packing the paint, they leave you wide open. So if you can shoot too, now you're getting mypoints when you shoot wide open and you're getting mypoints for those lobs, so you're getting a combination. 


The key thing you want to go for in a current gen game is if you're a guard, you want to get six laps and just shoot three threes to get the maximum amount of rep. If it's a tough game or they're overplaying, sometimes you just have to end the game, to be honest with you, and take what you can get. That's how you're going to get the maximum amount of rep. You can also get extra rep if you see a level 40, level 39 especially if they're not that good, it gives you huge opponent strength by playing these high levels.

You don't want to throw the lob every time and if it's not there, don't force it. That's what a lot of mistakes people make is they try to make the games take too long because they force it. It's okay to get a little bit less rep in order to end the game a little bit faster. That's a key thing to know and if you do that, you're going to be repping up so fast from current gen. At last, all you need to do is throw lobs, catch lobs, flashy passes. If you do those three things and you hawk the double rep events, then you will be guaranteed to be a high rep current gen player.


NBA 2K22 Next Gen Rep Method

How rep works in next gen is totally different from current gen. You want to go over the basic stuff like playing the events, if you're not playing events, make sure you're taking advantage of every single double rep event. On current gen, your build actually matters. If you have a certain type of build, you just might not be able to rep up. In next gen, no matter what build you are, you can rep up pretty much the same as long as you do the right type of things. When next gen rep mainly goes off of his teammate grade and wins are important too. If you lose the game, you're going to get no rep. In current gen is another thing, you can lose as long as you get in lobs.


The key way to get teammate grades is pretty much like everything you do. So setting a screen and they somebody scores off it, that's teammate grade, your green in a shot that's teammate grade, you score for assist that's teammate grade, your assistant that's teammate grade, that's a rebound that's teammate grade. Things also hurt teammate grade, for example, on current gen you throw lobs and if somebody intercepts and you throw turnips that's okay, it's not going to take down your mypoints, it will hurt your teammate grades. So the important thing to remember is don't make mistakes because that's going to bring your teammate grade.


You don't want to get the ball stolen from, you don't want to get any turnover, you don't want to play bad defense and you don’t want the ball dropped off. Key things you don't want to allow your man to score as much as you can. Don't get turned over. So don't force baskets, try to make every single basket into an assisted basket. It doesn't matter if you're the shooter or the passer. If you get green your shots to increase your teammate grade by a lot. But you just want to pass it, the person both the shooter is going to get it. They're going to get scored to assist and get the score to green. The passer is going to get at your teammate grade for assisting the basket. You just do assist generally, assists for the three-point line, you do some assist to dunk the ball.


If you're playing really comp people and they're just not allowing you to get your assistant. What you got to do sometimes is just take your points and just dunk. But you never really want to make a point that's not assisted by somebody. A lot of times in next gen what people mess up on is they try to score too much and go off too crazy. They don't realize they're not getting teammate grades. If you run to the basket dunk every time that's no teammate grade. If you're just coming off the screen then you're not going to really get that much teammate grade. That's why centers generally just get a higher teammate grade just by setting screens and rebounding.  If you want the guard in the center to both to have high teammate grades, you just want to pass it every single possession whether it's a dunk whether it's a shot, just get in those assists and limit your mistakes.


Modes matter too, so twos is the best to level up in next gen. On the threes, players usually just has a bad teammate grade. That's why you want to rep up the fastest by playing twos in NBA 2K22 next gen or playing rec. Rec is a cheat code for teammate grade um and nesting guys because you can get a plus every single time in rec. If you really want to rep up the fastest, go rec to have a good rec squad and just get an a or a plus every single game. It's the same thing with just assistant, rebounding, and doing the passes.

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