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NBA 2K22 All-Star Evolution Challenges & Rewards: How To Complete Them Fast In MyTEAM

Date: 2/19/2022 10:27:26 AM

We're going to be getting not only dark matter packs but also free galaxy opals and 23 free All-Stars in NBA 2K22 MyTEAM by doing some nice little lifetime agendas. Which galaxy opal you're going to go for first in MyTEAM because we are going to be getting All-Star Evolution agendas and All-Star 2022 agendas. Basically, they're going to be free players, you can get by playing All-Star Evolution challenges in NBA 2K22. So if you're ready, we are going to show you all the requirements and rewards of the NBA 2K22 All-Star lifetime agendas, as well as how to complete them fast and easy!


NBA 2K22 All-Star Evolution Challenges & Rewards: How To Complete Them Fast In MyTEAM

The New All-Star Evolution lifetime agenda group goes live on February 19. Compete in this evolution-based event with 23 All-Stars including galaxy opal Wilkins, galaxy opal Larry legend and then we do have galaxy opal Griffin. Evolve a player by completing single or multiplayer requirements to earn your next All-Star. We're all going to be able to log into MyTEAM at 8 am pacific which is going to be 11 a.m eastern and then 10 a.m central, then start doing the NBA K22 All-Star Evolution lifetime agendas. As we know that Dominique Wilkins is going to be a driver, he dunks on anybody. Same with Blake Griffin and super Larry Bird, these free NAB 2K22 All-Star cards are going to be extremely cheesy since they were big stars as well as 97 overall galaxy opals.


NBA 2K22 All-Star Evolution Challenges & Rewards

1. PF 30 PTS

Score 30 PTS with a PF in a game - Ruby Bogdan Bogdanovic


2. Evo Bogdanovic

Evolve NBA All-Star Reward Bogdan Bogdanovic - Amethyst Wally Szcerbiak


3. Evo Brad

Evolve NBA All-Star Reward Elton Brand - Pink Diamond Jamal Murray


4. Evo Murray

Evolve NBA All-Star Reward Jamal Murray - Shoot Creator Badge Pack

5. PG Layups

Make 3 Layups with a PG in a TT or TTO game

6. Evo Burke

Evolve NBA All-Star Reward Trey Burke - Amethyst Lauri Markkanen

7. Evo Markanen

Evolve NBA All-Star Reward Lauri Markkanen - Pink Diamond Patrick Beverley

8. Evo Beverley

Evolve NBA All-Star Reward Patrick Beverley - Pink Diamond Bam Adebayo

9. Evo Adebayo

Evolve NBA All-Star Reward Bam Adebayo - Rim Protector Badge Pack

10. Murray & Adebayo Wins

Win 5 TT or TTO games using All-Star Reward Jamal Murray and Bam Adebayo

11. SG 3’s

Make 10 3’s with SG’s over multiple TT or TTO games - Ruby Daequan Cook

12. Evo Cook

Evolve NBA All-Star Reward Daequan Cook - Amethyst Dale Ellis

13. Evo Ellis

Evolve NBA All-Star Reward Dale Ellis - Diamond Craig Hodges

14. Evo Hodges

Evolve NBA All-Star Reward Craig Hodges - Pink Diamond Paul Pierce

15. Evo Pierce

Evolve NBA All-Star Reward Paul Pierce - Playmaker Badge Pack


16. PG Dunks

Make 3 Dunks with a PG in a game - Ruby Nate Robinson


17. Evo Robinson

Evolve NBA All-Star Reward Nate Robinson - Amethyst Terrence Ross


18. Evo Ross

Evolve NBA All-Star Reward Terrence Ross - Diamond Desmond Mason


19. Evo Mason

Evolve NBA All-Star Reward Desmond Mason - Pink Diamond Larry Nance


20. Evo Nance

Evolve NBA All-Star Reward Larry Nance - Glass Cleaner Badge Pack

21. Pierce & Nance Wins

Win 5 TT or TTO games using All-Star Rewards Paul Pierce and Larry Nance - Galaxy Opal Dominique Wilkins


22. SF Steals

Get 2 Steals with SF’s over multiple games - Ruby Rick Barry

23. Evo Barry

Evolve NBA All-Star Reward Rick Barry - Amethyst Anthony Davis

24. Evo Davis

Evolve NBA All-Star Reward Anthony Davis - Diamond Chauncey Billups

25. Evo Billups

Evolve NBA All-Star Reward Chauncey Billups - Pink Diamond Bob Pettit

26. Evo Pettit

Evolve NBA All-Star Reward Bob Pettit - Post Scorer Badge Pack


NBA 2K22 All-Star 2022 Challenges & Rewards

1. Simonds & Dunks

Make 10 Dunks with any Anfernee Simons over multiple games - Basketball

2. Money Ball

Score 20 PTS with 100% FG% with a player in a game - Basketball

3. Davis REB

Get 20 REB with any Anthony Davis over multiple games - NBA All-Star Court Floor

4. LeBron All-Star High PTS

Score 38 PTS With any LeBron James in a game - West All-Stars All-Star

5. KD All-Star High PTS

Score 36 PTS with any Kevin Durant in a game - East All-Stars All-Star

6. Anthony AST

Get 10 AST with any Cole Anthony in a game - East All-Stars Rising Stars (Yellow)

7. Edwards Dunks

Make 5 Dunks with any Antony Edwards over multiple games - East All-Stars Rising Stars (Navy Blue)

8. Irving PTS

Score 34 PTS with any Kyrie Irving in a game - East All-Stars Rising Stars (Teal)

9. Howard BLK

Get 2 BLK with ant Dwight Howard in a game - East All-Stars Rising Stars (White)

How To Complete All-Star Evolution Challenges Fast In NBA 2K22?

First things first, you have to score 30 points with a power forward in a game, and then once you end up doing that you end up getting the ruby. You have to evil him and then once you evil him and you end up evolving every single player. Then once you do that, you end up getting a shot creator badge pack. Then you end up getting another ruby after making 3 layouts in TT or TTO. All you have to do is Evo every single player and we're going over some tips on how to evolve players in MyTEAM the fastest and quickest way.

Basically, you have to get all “Evo” challenges done. Once you end up unlocking the ruby, you evil the next one until you finish them all. You do have to win 5 TT or TTO games using All-Star reward Jamal Murray and Bam Adebayo. Once you do that, you end up getting the galaxy opal Larry Bird. So you don't have to Evo every single player and then you do get Larry. You can definitely choose the one you want to go for first if you want to get Larry Bird. You definitely do want to get Jamal Murray and Bam done.

However, do the same thing for every single one. You just start off with the rubies then you work your way towards evolving every single player that's how you end up getting the galaxy opals and then the way that you evolve these players. Once you end up completing every single NBA 2K22 All-Star challenge and evolving every player, you do end up getting the galaxy opal, Blake Griffin.

In this NBA 2K22 All-Star Evolution guide, we share the best tips and tricks on getting these All-Star rewards, such as juiced free galaxy opal Dominique Wilkins, free galaxy opal Griffin and free galaxy opal Larry Bird. If you are looking for cheap NBA 2K22 MT, welcome to!

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