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Fast Way to Get Free GO Manute Bol in NBA 2K22 - How to Beat Manute Bol Challenge

Date: 6/7/2022 2:32:35 PM

The 98 OVR Galaxy Opal Manute Bol is a new card released in NBA 2K22 MyTEAM as the reward once you complete the Manute Bol challenge - MyTEAM Heroes Showdown in Return of Heroes. How to beat MyTEAM Heroes Showdown with Sapphire? Now let’s get into an easy and fast way to get free GO Manute Bol in NBA 2K22.  

nba 2k22 manute bol challenge

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Fast Way to Get Free GO Manute Bol in NBA 2K22 - How to Beat Manute Bol Challenge with Sapphire 

How to get Galaxy Opal Manute Bol for free without costing any MyTEAM points? Thanks to OkoDre, here is one of the easiest and fastest ways to beat the MyTEAM Heroes Showdown challenge with Sapphires in your team for Manute Bol.  We are matching up against a Dark Matter hero team that's really tough, additionally, it's on a really high difficulty. So, before getting started in the match, you should pick up a powerful squad and optimize your settings. 

1. Determine your best sapphire lineup

What Sapphires cards to use in your lineup?

Head over to the player collection, for the Sapphires, you can run Russell Westbrook, C.J. Mccollum, Norman Powell, Jonathan Isaac, and Robert Covington. Russell Westbrook is the fastest point guard sapphire in the game, his speed is at 96 rating and he has really good ball handling, 95 speed with ball, and 96 acceleration. You are gonna use him to speed boost. C.J. Mccollum and Norman Powell both have a great release. Jonathan Isaac more like a rebounder, but he can also knock down shots. Finally, Robert Covington got two Hall of Fame badges, Sniper and Volume Shooter. 

Make sure you do run Rick Adelman as the head coach, Pace & Space gives you plus six bonus to ball handle, three-point shot, and some other attributes on all five of these cards. If you don’t have the Zero Gravity players, you can run these. 

2. Find the Manute Bol challenge

The next thing you want to do is load into the game, select Skill Challenges -> Return of Heroes: Challenger Trails -> MyTEAM Heroes Showdown, this is the challenge we need to beat for free Galaxy Opal Manute Bol. Build your lineup with the above five sapphires. 

3. Change your settings 

Head over to Gameplan, and change the offensive, defensive and coach settings. 

- Select Offensive Settings, choose Hawks 2018 under the Freelance 3. 

- Select Defensive Settings, choose to Smother under On-Ball Pressure and Tight under Off-Ball Pressure. 

- Go to your Coach Settings, and make sure the Adaptive Coaching Engine is Off. 

- Go to your Coaching Sliders, turn Help Defense all the way down to 0.

4. Tips for playing the game (running Hawks 2018)

One tip is that make sure you do this challenge on the current gen as the next gen is really tough.

What you want to do now is to play off-ball defense against Curry or anybody else, just play off-ball defense stand in the paint, stand in the corners, try to rebound with Isaac. Next, give it to Westbrook every time you inbound it, you are going to hit right on the D-Pad, and you are going to select Hawks 2018. Once you select that, you are going to hit LB from a past screen away, and you’ll speed boost pass Curry, pass it out to the wide open. You are gonna wait for those corners to drop, just play that defense. Grab the rebound and give it to Westbrook, if you mess up a few times, just restart the game. All you need to do is just speed boost pass and get to the paint, and once you get the paint, the corners are dropped. Sometimes the corners won’t drop, if that’s the case, just go up for the dunk with Westbrook because he can slash and dunk. Overall, the strategy is to run Hawks 2018, speed boost pass screen away, run to the rim, and pass it out to the corner every time for a wide-open basket.

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