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NBA 2K23 Current Gen & Next Gen MyPLAYER Build Guide - 5 Best Tips To Make The Best Build In 2K23

Date: 9/8/2022 5:58:26 PM

What type of build do you want to create in NBA 2K23? Today, we'll give you all a quick NBA 2K23 current gen and next gen MyPLAYER Builder guide, bringing you the 5 best tips that will help you not make that mistake on your first build.


NBA 2K23 Current Gen & Next Gen MyPLAYER Build Guide - 5 Best Tips To Make The Best Build In 2K23

A good player could make a bad build look good. And a bad player could make a good build look very bad. This is something you have to be honest with yourself. Sometimes the build might not be the problem and it might be you. Other times, the build is definitely the problem. But this is why people get kind of carried away when they see a content creator dominate when to build, not all builds that content creators put out are amazing builds. This content creator might be putting in so much time that he's really sticking to the strengths. The point is that he's making this bad build look good and don't think a build will necessarily bail you out and make you better necessarily. Just a quick NBA 2K23 Player Builder current gen and next gen guide for you.


Tip 1 - Avoid Click Bait Videos

This mistake happens every single 2k. The first build that people upload, you could get this build with a hundred badges. Badges do not really tell you anything about your build. To be quite honest, some bad builds could be misleading and a lot of those are clickbait. They know people looking for the most badges, so they put out videos with these badges, and the build going to end up being trash. You're going to have 40 defensive badges and you got no interior defense, so your center or power forward going to be really good on the perimeter. But when he goes into the paint is getting downtown but your build does not have an interior. It's understandable a lot of accounting creators look for clickbait because they've got to get those early views and know what people are looking for. You got to be smart in how you make your decision.


Tip 2 - Create A Build Based Off Attributes And Not Exploits

This is the next thing we see every single year. Every year 2k dropped the game, especially in the first few weeks and it's really with glitches and exploits that people tend to create their build based on instead of a solid structure. In terms of what we know about the build, and what we want the build to do, you have to think beyond the first few patches if you want the build to last. If it's just a build you want to create and you don't mind them patching it. Because 2k might wake up and patch them sooner or later. A lot of will people went invested money in builds and after the first few patches, they were upset that 2k kill the game for them. Therefore, you have to create based on attributes and not exploits that are the NBA 2K23 player build tips to learn.


Tip 3 - Know The Attribute Requirement For Each Build

This is going to take some time of course. But you need to know number one what's the contact dunk requirement, number two what's the requirement for pro dribble move, and what's the requirement to get certain badges. So you've got to know the attribute requirement for each, for what you want your build to do. If you want to build out there with elite contact dunks, pro dribble moves, and the shooting threshold, you need that information. So when you see the game just dropping, people already dropping build videos for a second. You know they put a lot of time into that, so do not follow those people and invest your money in those builds. Save your money, take your time and create your build.


Tip 4 - Create A Build Base On Your Strength & Play Style

How many times you have seen people that do not point guards run into a court and say this is the cheese point guard, let me go create a point guard. There no matter how good the build is, they're trash at the position. It's just not your position. Your natural instinct does not reflect in that position. Do not make this your first build. You want to go out there and have fun. Not saying you can't learn a different position sometime in the year. But at least for your first build and your first investment, this build is supposed to last for the duration or at least most of this game, so you can't waste your money. This best NBA 2K23 MyPLAYER Builder tip is to create a build based on your strengths and your play style.


Tip 5 - Think About Where Your Build Will Fit Into The Squad Before Creating

We got a certain system in place that is easy to mix and match and fit people into. So know the build you're creating, know the people who you are playing with and know what they're creating and create something that could complement the people that you're running with. If you're running with randoms, we suggest you create like a center will always be the go-to or a nice two-way that could fit in anywhere and do multiple things. Make sure to create complementary builds to fit into the circle that you are playing with.

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