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NBA 2K23 Token Market Update & Rewards - How to Get Hall of Fame Badges in 2K23

Date: 12/12/2022 11:29:05 AM

A bunch of awesome jerseys coming to NBA 2K23 MyTEAM with the Token Market update, what rewards can you get? Here we’ll list the new collections along with free Token Market rewards, where you can get Hall of Fame badges fast in 2K23. 

NBA 2K23 token market update

NBA 2K23 Token Market Update & Rewards

Speaking of the Token Market update in NBA 2K23 Season 3, we have some brand new packs dropped here, the Eastern set and Western set allow you to get each team’s Statement jerseys and City jerseys, except for the Jazz team in the Western Conference does not have a City Jersey, as well as four free Hall of Fame badges in MyTEAM. 

Eastern Conference City Uniforms

76ers City

Bucks City

Wizards City

Bulls City

Cavaliers City

Celtics City

Hawks City

Heat City

Knicks City

Magic City

Nets City

Pacers City

Pistons City

Raptors City

Hornets City

Rewards: 150 tokens, 1 Hall of Fame Badge Pack

Western Conference City Uniforms

Clippers City

Grizzlies City

Pelicans City

Kings City

Lakers City

Mavericks City

Nuggets City

Rockets City

Thunder City

Spurs City

Suns City

Timberwolves City

Trail Blazers City

Warriors City

Rewards: 140 tokens, 1 Hall of Fame Badge Pack

Eastern Conference Statement Uniforms

76ers Statement 

Bucks Statement 

Wizards Statement 

Bulls Statement 

Cavaliers Statement 

Celtics Statement 

Hawks Statement 

Heat Statement 

Knicks Statement 

Magic Statement 

Nets Statement 

Pacers Statement 

Pistons Statement 

Raptors Statement 

Hornets Statement 

Rewards: 150 tokens, 1 Hall of Fame Badge Pack

Western Conference Statement Uniforms

Clippers Statement 

Grizzlies Statement 

Pelicans Statement 

Jazz Statement

Kings Statement 

Lakers Statement 

Mavericks Statement 

Nuggets Statement 

Rockets Statement 

Thunder Statement 

Spurs Statement 

Suns Statement 

Timberwolves Statement 

Trail Blazers Statement 

Warriors Statement 

Rewards: 150 tokens, 1 Hall of Fame Badge Pack

How to Get Hall of Fame Badges in 2K23 Fast

They released City Uniforms and Statement Uniforms for both the Eastern and the Western Conference for every team, with 10 tokens per pack. You will have 15 packs in the Eastern Conference City Uniforms and 14 packs in the Western Conference City Uniforms, so you are going to be earning 290 tokens and two Hall of Fame badges for completing the East and West City Uniforms collection. Then when you go to the Statement Uniforms, there are 15 cards for both Western and Eastern Conference Statement Uniforms, you are going to be getting 300 tokens and two more free Hall of Fame badges, so this is definitely worth doing. If you are stocking up on tokens, this is literally the best case to do.

In addition, the Moments of the Week 7 challenges also give you a free Hall of Fame badge, which is pretty good. For the other type of currency in MyTEAM, cheapest MT points are provided here.

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