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NBA 2K23 Best Controller Settings - Best MyCAREER Settings in 2K23

Date: 12/26/2022 4:33:25 PM

In NBA 2K23, you may not try to change your settings, today let’s take a view at the best MyCAREER controller settings in 2K23. 

NBA 2K23 controller settings

NBA 2K23 Best Controller Settings - Best MyCAREER Settings in 2K23

Below is a list of Brutalsim Da Guru’s controller settings for NBA 2K23 MyCAREER, some of them go well with default, but some others will have an obvious impact on the game if you change it. Cheap MyTEAM points and latest news for 2K23 are offered here constantly.

- Vibration: Off

- Shot Meter: Off. You don’t need it to learn your jump shot, you get a slight boost from having the shot meter off.

- Shot Timing: Shots and Layups. Put layup timing on, it’s so easy to time layups in the game, if you are wide open and you miss time the layup, you still gonna make it, and there is no downside to putting layup timing on, it will change the game and make the game be more fun to play.

- Shot Timing Release Time: Early. When it comes to shot time and release, compared to Very Early, Late and Very Late, Early is a sweet spot and you should equip it.

- Free Throw Timing: User Timing. 

- Pro Stick Function: Default. 

- Pro Stick Orientation: Absolute. No matter what direction you are facing, left gonna be left, right gonna be right, especially if you are playing the record, you’ll see the camera settings.

- Off-Ball Offense Mode: Absolute.

- Double Team Reaction: Auto. 

- Help Defense button Function: Double Team.

- Call For Pick and Roll Vs Fade: Manual.

- Players Icons: On.

- Skill Pass: Enabled.

- Pro Stick Pass Type: Normal.

- Icon Passing: Default.

- Receiver Control: Receiver Get Open

- Pro Stick Defense: Absolute

- Shading Indicator: On.

- Who To Guard: On. There is no benefit to taking this off and and in fact it's so easy to switch between players, this year all you need to do is press the R1 or RB, and then press whatever button the defender is at, and it's gonna automatically switch, and it's going to switch very fast, you don't need to change.

- Defensive Assist Strength: 5. When you put it high, you get pulled in certain direction that you don't want to be, and it takes away from what you're doing in terms of stick skill, if you don't have that more stick skill, you might want to put this up a little bit.

- Pass Target Profile: Custom.

- Pass Target Direction: 74.

- Pass Target Distance: 25.

- Pass Target Openness: 1. They actually took off that openness thing whereas if you're open or your teammate is open, the password automatically go to them if it's really high, drop this all the way down because they actually took this out of multiplayer games, you really have to control your passes.

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