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tips on adjusting tactics in nba 2k15 mt

Date: 6/13/2015 4:24:27 PM

it happens a lot that we lose to opponents with better lineups and tactics when playing nba 2k15. sometimes we play well but we lose.

the warriors played a 2-2 game 4 draw in the nba finals. james and his cavaliers teammates all had great performances despite the losing. the warriors’ victory is primarily due to the bold changes in tactics and lineup. the same happens when we play nba 2k15. when we are falling behind, we pick good pitchers and smaller yet fast players and get them on the court. we can score by quick attacks and by creating space for three-coin shooting.

at game 4 of the finals, the warriors preferred a lineup of smaller players who scored by quick attacks and three-coin shootings. facing a lineup consisting of curry, thompson, iguodala, barnes and green, the cavaliers failed to notice iguodala by focusing only on curry. iguodala didn’t let his teammates down. he had the best defensive performances in the game. after the cavaliers finally began to pay attention to iguodala, the perimeter players helped win the game by making impressive three-coin shootings.



when it comes to the nba 2k15 myteam, we can also have smaller players such as curry, thompson, iguodala, barnes and green. at the same time we can have the bigger ones such as those from the cavaliers. we can make the most our players by changing the lineup in different games and situations. changes in tactics are critical for a team to win. if we always use the same players and tactics, the opponent will be able to understand our strategies and then work out a plan. you can use players that suitable for your tactics in myteam.


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