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nba 2k15 mycareer playoff guide

Date: 8/17/2015 5:46:02 PM

mycareer is one of the most fun mode in nba 2k15, meanwhile the vc which acquired in myteam and mycareer can interflow.therefore, how to make mycareer player acquire vc is the essential content we need to know.


first, we build a player who has low overall abilities, initial,he can only get very little playing time.therefore, how to establish a main force in a team? i have two opinions.

1. to dedicate data values sush as scoring,assists,rebounds,blocked shots and turnovers within valid period of time.
2. undergo two season's free career, you will have absolute opportunities to make performance in the team and you can find a new team to fight.


now, we will talk about the 2k15 mycareer player playeoff guide:

when the first time we enter into playoff, our oppoenent will be strong and our scoring rate will reduced. if you still indiscriminately same as the regular season, you will lose the game. in the game of 76ers vs pistons,   when you own 41% 3 coiners, open 3 players are unable score. as for this system setting, we should choose a different idea.



in the playoffs, the players with the ball, not too much dribbling, when the ball into space, the first choice should be to see his teammates the ball moves, 2-coin scoring rate will be high; we work with games against teams overall strength than the weak teams, you need to use a higher percentage than the opponent to win, so grasp the opportunity in mycareer very important; to improve our hit rate, you can practice on the driving range.



teams coin guard you always difficult to defend their goals and assists, then we can not be blind ball and cap; the face of the offensive player, one of our close offence is the way to solve the defensive vulnerability , whether he is jump shots or break, personal defense could reduce his hit rate, of course, if met paul, parker and curry we need to maintain a certain distance, avoid direct them to break.

nba 2k15 is a basketball game which need us to know well how to play player, and we not only need to make sure the score, but also we need upgrade their artistic skills.  if you want to play a stronger player, you can choose myteam to buy players, please select buy nba 2k15 mt coins cheap and safe.


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