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How To Get 99 Offensive Consistency In NBA 2K23 - NBA 2K23 Maximize OC Guide

Date: 6/19/2023 10:57:39 AM

Do you want to be an elite scorer in NBA 2K23? Do you want to start adding more moves to your bag? Do you want to be the most consistent player out of all your friends? Well, this is an in-depth NBA 2K23 maximize offensive consistency tutorial on how to build a player with high offensive consistency in MyCAREER.


NBA 2K23 Max Offensive Consistency Guide: How To Get 99 Offensive Consistency Fast

For example, you have a 92 three ball on two separate characters, one of those characters has a 95 offensive consistency and the other has an 88 offensive consistency. Both characters will have access to the same badges and be able to hit the same types of shots from three and from the same distances. However even if both players are equally skilled in getting open and timing their shots, the player with a 95 offensive consistency will naturally hit more of their shots. Now obviously this is important because one player shoots 50% from three and another player shoots 70% from three, then naturally that player will be more valuable offensively to the team. Therefore, it’s crucial to know the best way to get 99 offensive consistency in NBA 2K23.


  • How To View Your Offensive Consistency In NBA 2K23?

You have to load up on a player, you've already built and progressed past the summer league. Then go to the menu, go to MyCAREER, click on stats, then roster. Hit the view player card on your name and under attribute, scroll down to offensive consistency. Offensive consistency is important for your character because it enables you to hit more shots consistently.


  • Cons Of Get 99 Offensive Consistency In NBA 2K23

There are two other things you should consider. One is if you sacrifice all your attributes to pursue a 99 offensive consistency, then you have limited your role on your particular team. Whereas the player who has an 88 offensive consistency may be versatile enough to impact all parts of the game. Number two is if you're scoring at a noticeably higher level than everyone else on your team, then you'll be guarded noticeably more than everyone else on your team. That being said to build a player in the builder with high offensive consistency, you must work backward.


  • How To Get 99 Offensive Consistency In NBA 2K23?

Reference a player's attributes with a fixed OC all the green stats and all the blue stats increase your OC. This does include stats that aren't directly important to your build. Such as free throws if you're a park player or post control of your small guard. Does that mean you should just max all of your blue and green stats to become an offensive juggernaut? No, there's a reason why you don't see those builds almost at all on comp prime teams or even in the park. If you have a deficiency in your build, expect that to be taken advantage of by the other team. You'll need to either surround yourself with teammates that make up for your deficiencies or leverage all of your other stats so that it doesn't matter. 

OC goes up by one every four to eight blue or green stats you upgrade, depending on which stat and how high that stat is going.  So it reasons that if you have a stat that will eventually get to 99. The closer to the top, the lower the number of upgrades to increase your OC. The more down to the bottom your stat is, the more upgrades you need. This is just speculation based on YouTuber Tcat_333's research, but it does seem you can manipulate your OC to be much higher just by upgrading cheaper stats like a free throw, standing dunk, or post control to right before the point as to which they become too expensive. The final tip to maximize offensive consistency in 2K23 is if you choose to push for a build with a high OC, then aim for at least 95 because that's the threshold to really be able to hit all your shots.


Since 2K17 offensive consistency has been relevant in some way shape or form to how your build performs. High offensive consistency gives you the confidence to go deeper into the bag as opposed to just taking the same two or three types of shots everyone else is in the community. Making builds that are 6’1, 6’8, or 6’9 is going to give you access to the most upgrades possible. Therefore giving you the largest windowed space to get that NBA 2K23 99 offensive consistency. So that is why you see a lot of successful 6’9, successful 6’8, and successful 6’1. Because either they're going to have a super high offensive consistency by accident without even thinking about it or they're going to be really versatile by accident. Just by the fact that they have more attributes to be distributed.

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