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Is Acceleration Important in 2K23 - NBA 2K23 Best Acceleration

Date: 6/25/2023 5:24:54 PM

Is acceleration important in NBA 2K23 and do you need acceleration for your build? If you need it, what is the best acceleration value? This article will focus on that. 

NBA 2K23 Best Acceleration

Is Acceleration Important in NBA 2K23 - Best Acceleration in 2K23 

What does acceleration do in NBA 2K23? The real use of the acceleration attribute is that it makes your launches or first steps much faster, and speed with ball will take care of the rest. Whether you need acceleration is depending on your build and if your player is a ball handler.

1) If you are a ball handler, you will need the acceleration. The recommendations of the best acceleration value in 2K23, it is determined by your play style, but you are going to want at least 80 acceleration, especially if you are one of the 6’9” ball handlers. The shorter you are, the higher acceleration you probably want, to take advantage of your lack of height. 

2) But if you are not a ball handler, for example, if you are a center, the acceleration is not important at all. Because acceleration only helps you accelerate when you have the ball in your hands, it does not help you accelerate when are off the ball or when you are on defense. Acceleration does not touch your movement without the ball, everything is the same with the minimum or maximum acceleration. So if you are not doing a lot of dribble moves, you really do not need acceleration. You do want speed if you are a center, speed and acceleration are attached to each other, if you go max speed, then acceleration is going to drag itself up as well, but make sure you don’t put any extra points into it, the minimum value is enough to get the speed that you want on your build. 

3) If you are a slasher, acceleration also matters even if you are not dribbling around too much, it is going to help you if you catch the ball in the corner, and it also helps you get the extra burst of speed to get to the rim faster, which makes sense if you are a shooter, especially if you could shoot off the dribble, acceleration can help you create that space away from your defender, so you can shoot that pull up or that fade away, once you create enough separation, using your acceleration. The thing acceleration does is basically the same thing as the Quick First Step badge. 

Basically, put more points into the acceleration when you are a short ball handler or a slasher, do not go out of your way just to get more acceleration, you don't want to lower your weight or be shorter just to have more of it.

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