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Do You Need Speed With Ball in NBA 2K23 - What Is the Best Speed With Ball in 2K23

The ratings of attributes will have an impact on your build and how the player performs. Today we’ll talk about the NBA 2K23 Speed With Ball attribute, what does it do, how important is it and do you need it in the game.

Do You Need Speed With Ball in NBA 2K23 - What Is the Best Speed With Ball in 2K23

What Does Speed With Ball Do in NBA 2K23?

It is your movement speed while dribbling, but it doesn't concern your first couple of steps. The minimum and maximum Speed With Ball is still the same, even though their animations are the same, the Speed With Ball is not kicking in yet even up to a 99 rating. It is the cruising speed, after you explode, your player will start to run steady, so that's the point to use Speed With Ball, and it will start to kick in at this point. Acceleration won't be used at that point, Speed With Ball will take care of the rest and give you an idea of the distance between different ratings.

How important is speed with ball for your build in 2K23?

There's no really solid answer for that one, because it may be useless in some cases and otherwise in some cases. For the most part, it's not that useful.

What is the best speed with ball in 2K23?

You don’t need to max it in most builds, just reach the minimum requirements you want or the number of playmaking badges, the part of speed with ball that makes it really doubtful, if it's even useful is how late it starts to kick in and how the game is being played, so those two factors really played a big part, that's even the reason why they took out the downhill badge in the first place. You need to cover that long of a distance or a straight path without doing something behind the backs hashes or crossover moves before you can even see a reasonable gap, no matter what mode you play, you don't spread the ball straight like that, if it's a fast break sequence, you usually receive the ball around this point and you just need to take two to four steps before dunking and that won't use a speed with ball that much or if you're bringing the ball down you're not going to sprint straight 

Do you need speed with ball?

If you don't even dribble straight this long, speed with ball is not that useful for your NBA 2K23 build, it's tied up to your ball handle rating, if ever you already reach the minimum requirement for your desired sigs or playmaking badges, you don't need to push it more, just spend those extra points somewhere else, maybe you can unlock more badges. But if you think that your build dribbles the ball that long straight, which is kinda rare, then the speed with ball will be useful for your build, max it as you can.

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