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nba 2k16 mt purple card players recommendation

Date: 1/23/2016 4:16:28 PM

how to choose nba 2k16 mt mode purple card? many players like to play mt mode, but most players would hesitate when choosing purple card since purple card players expensive and charge 2k extra fees, did know what role the purple card player played, recommend these players according to many customers use the purple card feedback information.

nba 2k16 mt zika.jpg

stephen curry

three-coin line area all the hot shooting. but this version of three-coin shooting not as precise as before in nba2k16, perfect shot speeds may impact hits. we can see curry who quickly shot it is easy to be like a novice, layups almost aways threw the ball.

james harden

95 fouls ability, that he can often give opponents free throw; i harden it will plug in the attack, a good release coin, excellent ability to cut inside.

kevin durant

very fast break and shooting ability, shooting is not easy to cap; shot faster than bna 2k15, it takes time to adapt to the shooting coin;speed is not more than 80 and low power; durant big long hand can plug in flying dunks and every man dunk.

lebron james

it’s not the  first choice on the offensive, but lebron is strong on attack ability and passing ability, defensive ability is stronger; compared with the previous, his defensive role bigger than offensive,low free throw in nba2k16 mt mode.

carmelo anthony

this card is the period of his career in denver, i think this card is a must buy players in 2k16 mt , the arm is very long, and has a speed of more than 80, the top defensive and offensive capability.there he was in the field of competition,it’s easily to rebound and block shots. do not worry about the opponent using foul tactics since he has the capacity of 80 free throws

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