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NBA 2K24 Best Build - What Build to Make in 2K24 MyCAREER

Date: 7/22/2023 11:17:43 AM

It seems that we are going to have a new revamped MyPlayer Builder system in NBA 2K24, what build should you make to start off the new game? Before the game actually launches, we want to show you an NBA 2K24 build that you can try as a starter. 

NBA 2K24 Best Build

NBA 2K24 Best Build - What Build to Make in 2K24 MyCAREER

Even if the brand-new build system starts to work in NBA 2K24, you still need a reasonable allocation of attributes, good badges, and settings to make your build more overpowered. 

Body Settings

If you are going to purchase NBA 2K24, this is a great starter build to make in MyCAREER. Start with the point guard position, and then go six foot seven on your height, 180 lbs in weight, and seven foot four on your wingspan. The body shape is up to you. 

- Position: Point Guard

- Height: 6’7”

- Weight: 180 lbs

- Wingspan: 7’4”


When it comes to the potential attributes, the first important thing is to get your driving dunk up to 96, this is what you need if you want the Hall of Fame Limitless Takeoff. In addition, you have to add two extra badges on the finishing when you are making the build. Moving on to the shooting category, go with a 79 three-point shot, if you push it to over 79, it will change the build name. Then add your mid-range shot a little bit to get more shooting badges, such as the Limitless Range. For playmaking, take your ball handle up to an 89, pass accuracy to a 76, and speed with ball to a 75. Next, in the defense, push your perimeter defense to 86 and steal all the way up to 90, you don’t need a high block and interior defense as a guard, go with some points on the rebound for both offensive and defense on this build. Lastly, make your speed at 75 and acceleration at 84, then max out your stamina and get an 82 vertical on this build to actually get all the contacts

- Finishing: Close Shot 67, Driving Layup 80, Driving Dunk 96, Standing Dunk 46, Post Control 25

- Shooting: Mid-Range Shot 69, Three-Point Shot 79, Free Throw 75

- Playmaking: Pass Accuracy 76, Ball Handle 89, Speed With Ball 75

- Defense/Rebounding: Interior Defense 26, Perimeter Defense 86, Steal 90, Block 27, Offensive Rebound 77, Defensive Rebound 82

- Physicals: Speed 75, Acceleration 84, Strength 36, Vertical 82, Stamina 99

Finally, you’ll get a 2-way slasher build, this NBA 2K24 PG build looks all around good, you can get 16 finishing badges, 15 shooting badges, 20 playmaking badges, and 20 defensive badges. 

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