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Does Timing Impact Matter in NBA 2K23 - 2K23 Timing Impact Explained

Date: 7/18/2023 4:47:12 PM

Does Timing Impact matter for jumpshots in NBA 2K23? In this article, we are going to explain the 2K23 Timing Impact grades.

Does Timing Impact Matter in NBA 2K23 - 2K23 Timing Impact Explained

In NBA 2K23, a lot of grades are associated with jumpshots, including the release height, release speed, timing impact, and defensive immunity. Some of them are important, while others might not matter. 

What is Timing Impact in 2K23?

Timing Impact will adjust shot windows to reward good timing at the cost of an increased penalty for bad timing, it presents the boost/penalty for good/poor shot timing. So it has some negative impact in some cases, for example, if you don’t time it well.

2K23 Timing Impact

Is Timing Impact important in 2K23?

Its importance is maybe different from player to player due to the consistency, there are statistics stating that the timing impact is not really something that you need to be too concerned about, Timing Impact does not matter a lot, the most important thing is the release height, you can choose a jumpshot with an A plus speed and an A plus release height and an F timing impact. If it's an A timing impact, you have a bigger window to release it, if it's an F grade, that means you have to have a very precise release point, but F doesn’t really mean bad situations. While the meter is close to the optimal position, good shots can be made, but pushing the button while the meter is still in the white area will severely punish your shot, regardless of your Timing Impact score.

Can you use a jump shot with an F-timing impact?

Yes, there could be a chance that an F grade can have better results than A. What is the best Timing Impact for jumpshot? If you are really good with timing, then A plus Timing Impact will be the best for you, because you are not easy to receive that punishment. On the other side, if you are not very consistent in timing, an A plus or a good Timing Impact might not be the best grade for your jumpshot because you are probably getting those negative things. This would mean that the high-grade timing impact can give you better results, the chance that your shot is going in is high if you can time it well, but also comes with higher risk.

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