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NBA 2K24 Best Center Build - Top 3 Most Broken C Builds In 2K24

Date: 8/21/2023 7:09:28 PM

Having trouble finding the NBA 2K24 best center build? Today, we bring you the most broken center builds early game in NBA 2K24 that you're going to be able to find success with. 


NBA 2K24 Best C Build - Top 3 Most Overpowered C Builds In 2K24

The center is most people’s favorite position to get after in NBA 2K24. The purpose of this NBA 2K24 center build guide is just to give you an idea of what you should be looking to create going into season 1. We got the top 3 best NBA 2K24 center builds with all different abilities including the two-way interior finisher, inside the arc glass cleaner, and with the glass cleaning finisher. The first thing that we must do is put every one of these builds under the center position.


#1 NBA 2K24 Best Center Build

For the number one best NBA 2K24 C build, we're going to go after the two-way interior finisher. When it comes down to the body settings, we’re going to go with the height of 7’0 feet, 216 lbs, and 7’10 wingspan. If you want to go ahead and try to add more to the weight to get burly that's definitely another good option. With this build, we're going to be a true inside center, we get the standing big man contact dunks and the pro contact dunks. When it comes down to the shooting, you're still going to be able to shoot from deep as well as inside for the mid-range. The free throw is perfect which is going to allow us to take this build into any game mode. As far as the play making, the ball handle is at least a 60. Speed with the ball is balanced. Then when it comes down to the pass accuracy, you're going to be a real threat in any game mode but especially when it comes down to the Rec or 5v5. 


Body Settings

Height: 7’0’’

Weight: 246 lbs

Wingspan: 7’10’’

Body Shape: Built


Set Your Potentials

Finishing: 65 Close Shot, 71 Driving Layup, 86 Driving Dunk, 90 Standing Dunk, 30 Post Control

Shooting: 73 Mid-Range Shot, 79 Three Point Shot, 72 Free Throw

Playmaking: 75 Pass Accuracy, 60 Ball Handle, 65 Speed With Ball

Defense/Rebounding: 86 Interior Defense, 69 Perimeter Defense, 70 Steal, 93 Block, 70 Offensive Rebound, 93 Defensive Rebound

Physicals: 78 Speed, 74 Acceleration, 73 Strength, 80 Vertical, 90 Stamina



Primary: Team Takeover Boost

Secondary: Paint Intimidation


When you add everything up together for the abilities on this 2K24 best center build, we're going to be able to pretty much guard any position. We have created the two-way interior finisher but you can even consider this to be a catfish build that's going to be able to do a little bit of everything.


#2 NBA 2K24 Best Center Build

This build is going to be seven feet but the weight is going to be the biggest difference. As for the body settings, the weight of 256 with a 710 wingspan and the body shape of the defined. As far as when it comes down to the physicals, there are going to be a lot of people who do make a center that does not care for speed or acceleration. For those, upgrade the strength all the way up to 90. 75 when it comes down to the vertical to get contact dunks with a 90 stamina or at least a 95. Moving on to the defensive, we're pretty overpowered because we got the 79 interior defense, and also 84 defensive rebound. Then we get a 99 for the defensive, offensive rebound, and the block. This is going to allow us to unlock certain badges like anchor, rebound chaser, boxout chaser, and chase down artists, and you're all equipped with the best badges for the defensive. You don't really need anything out of the playmaking for this one. As far as when it comes down to the shooting you're definitely going to be able to hit some mid-range shots with the 80 rating and you even get agent 3 which is going to make a huge difference. For the finishing, we also get a pretty nice lineup for the post-scoring.


Body Settings

Height: 7’0’’

Weight: 256 lbs

Wingspan: 7’10’’

Body Shape: Defined


Set Your Potentials

Finishing: 85 Close Shot, 73 Driving Layup, 86 Driving Dunk, 99 Standing Dunk, 90 Post Control

Shooting: 80 Mid-Range Shot, 35 Three Point Shot, 56 Free Throw

Playmaking: 25 Pass Accuracy, 40 Ball Handle, 25 Speed With Ball

Defense/Rebounding: 79 Interior Defense, 35 Perimeter Defense, 31 Steal, 99 Block, 99 Offensive Rebound, 84 Defensive Rebound

Physicals: 25 Speed, 25 Acceleration, 90 Strength, 75 Vertical, 95 Stamina



Primary: Post Playmaking

Secondary: Stuff Blocks


If you're looking to be more of a dominant Shaq-type build center, this is going to be the NBA 2K24 best center build for you. If you follow it along every single step of the way, we will create one of the best inside the arc glass cleaner builds.


#3 NBA 2K24 Best C Build

Coming up finally the 6’9 small ball center, glass cleaning finisher. Go with a height of 6’9 just to make more of a versatile center build. As for the weight, we’re going to go with 222 pounds. Then for the wingspan, we like this to be 7’7. When it comes down to the finishing end we're going to be able to maintain elite contact dunks with this build. The finishing for the layup is going to make a huge difference at an 80 and we're also able to equip some pretty nice badges when it comes down to the finishing side of things. For the shooting, this is really based on your own liking. The defensive area is super overpowered especially when you pair it up with the finishing. With these 28 badges, some of the special ones that you can get going to be anchor, pogo stick and rebound chaser. Same thing with boxout beasts and chase down artists and if you want to you can go ahead and change any selection to your own liking.


Body Settings

Height: 6’9’’

Weight: 222 lbs

Wingspan: 7’7’’

Body Shape: Built


Set Your Potentials

Finishing: 60 Close Shot, 80 Driving Layup, 93 Driving Dunk, 75 Standing Dunk, 25 Post Control

Shooting: 71 Mid-Range Shot, 76 Three Point Shot, 51 Free Throw

Playmaking: 69 Pass Accuracy, 77 Ball Handle, 50 Speed With Ball

Defense/Rebounding: 79 Interior Defense, 70 Perimeter Defense, 78 Steal, 99 Block, 76 Offensive Rebound, 99 Defensive Rebound

Physicals: 70 Speed, 70 Acceleration, 54 Strength, 82 Vertical, 85 Stamina



Primary: Limitless Range

Secondary: Team Takeover Boost


If you did follow along every single step of the way, we should get the best small ball glass cleaning finishers in NBA 2K23 going into NBA 2K24.

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