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NBA 2K23 Season 9 Best Jumpshot & Animations For 6'5-6'9

Date: 8/16/2023 6:50:49 PM

NBA 2K23 Season 9 has arrived, bringing with it an opportunity for players of varying heights to redefine their gameplay. Today, we’re going to show you NBA 2K23 Season 9 best animations and jumpshot for a 6'5-6’9 lockdown build. Whether you're a towering presence at 6'9" or a dynamic guard standing tall at 6'5", the journey to dominance starts with the perfect jumpshot and animation choices.


NBA 2K23 Season 9 Best Animations For 6’9

For the dribble style, we have Michael Jordan. You can equip Pro or Joel Embiid if you don't have a speed with with 75. But Michael Jordan will allow us to get the fastest speed boost in the game.


For the signature size up, we have Donovan Mitchell. Because he has that with nice between legs and that front crossover which is pretty nice to have and just combo up pretty nice. If you don't have enough for Donovan Mitchell you can also substitute for Giannis which is another good one. 


For the size-up escape package, we have Kemba Walker. This is one of the best moves or packages in the NBA 2K23 season 9. It gives you that glitchy behind the back and that glitchy step back as well or hot back. It allows you to create a lot of space and just tricks opponents and thinking you're going to shoot the ball. It's just so hard to tell when you shoot or drive whenever you do a hardback with Kemba Walker. If you don't have enough ball handle for Kemba Walker, you can also go with LeBron James or Kevin Durant. Kevin Durant and Kim Walker do have the same hot back. LeBron James is another really good size-up escape package if you don't have an 89 ball or 86 ball handle. Since it only takes a 70-ball handle to equip LeBron James and it creates a lot of space. 

For the moving crossover, we have Russell Westbrook. Russell Westbrook allows you to get that glitchy animation if you just hold the right trigger and flick up. It puts you towards the basket and you can just get the easy buckets with that move. If you don't have a release of an 80-ball handle, you can have Donovan Mitchell, it gives you a similar animation but you just have to flick the rice stick twice in order to do it. You're going to hold the right trigger and the ball is in your right hand. You're going to flick diagonal left down and then diagonal right up. If the ball is in your left hand, you're going to want to hold the right trigger. Go diagonal right down and diagonal up left, but this is only for the Donovan Mitchell moving crossover. 


For moving behind the back, we have Pro equipped. You can equip Zach LaVine as well if you want more of like a space creation going toward the left or more toward the right. But Pro is better since it kind of boosts you toward the basket in a way. Combo this with the moving step back which is also known for the awesome slide. 


For the moving spin, we have basic. Basic allows us to get that spin-back move that almost everybody knows how to do. But repair this with the Kobe Bryant, triple threat, and do the Penny Hardaway moving spin. It gives you a glitchy spin, how to Triple Threat which is pretty glitchy.


For the moving hesitation, we have Zach LeVine. It does give you that glitchy stop.


For the moving stepback, we have normal which is known as the acid slide. You can play this up with the pro moving behind the back and you'll take a glitchy coming down the court. 


For the triple threat style, we have Michael Jordan equipped. Another really good one is Kobe Bryant. You can pair Kobe Bryant and the Penny Hardaway spin move, just to get glitchy out of the Triple Threat. 


For the park flashy pass, we have behind the back. We do live just to start our teammates when we get flashy, but we do not recommend having a flashy pass if you have a low pass accuracy.


For the pass style, we have LeBron James. This is one of the best passing styles other than the Magic Johnson pass style which is actually pretty nice as well. But we get a pass accuracy of just enough to get to LeBron James.


For the free throw, we do have Stephen Curry. The free throw doesn't really matter, just equips what you want and what feels best to you.


For the layup style, we do have a default small equipped. You can equip a default swing.


NBA 2K23 Season 9 Best Jumpshot For 6’9

Base: Oshae Brissette

Release 1: Klay Thompson

Release 2: Bogdan Bogdanovic

Animation Blending: 60% Klay Thompson, 40% Bogdan Bogdanovic

This 2K23 season 9 jumpshot is very nice and really really fast. But if you have a higher three-pointer other than 78, go with the Lamelo Ball base. 

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