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nba 2k17 my career tips: how to be professional

Date: 10/20/2016 11:48:00 AM

my career mode has become the most popular game mode in nba 2k17. in the most fun basketball video game to play, how do we become an expert player from a beginner? we can literally develop in the game a professional career like bryant's and lebron's. but things turn out to be more complicated. at, we provide you with nba 2k17 my career tips on how to play like a pro.


creation my player has richer content than before. when it comes to the creation of nba 2k17 players, there are more detailed positions, with five different model options including shooting guard, coin guard, small forward, power forward and center. with amazing shooter like stephen curry and traditional defender like paul, you will definite enjoy it.

nba 2k17 my career tips creation

the storybook years

nba 2k17 story plot deletes the high school career and mainly focuses on "the president" college games and his experience of joining the national team to become a player for the olympic national team. coach k will "the president" him get a superstar setting to create a custom shot.

custom shot create


building your player

the key to this build is leveling up the athletic skill set. it is far cheaper than any of the offensive skill sets, and your size will get you all the rebounds and blocked shots you need. you have no reason to waste virtual currency, the coins earned while playing, on those attributes.

athletics will help you move around the court and stay in the game for longer, and it improves your screening and dunking abilities. virtually all of your coins will come from setting hard screens and sprinting to the basket, so being able to do both well is important.

finally, download the nba 2k17 smartphone app. the daily bonuses and pick-and-win modes take seconds to do and rack up tons of free virtual currency. the card game and other modes are also pretty fun in their own right.

on offense

first of all, make sure your gameplay settings are set to 12 minute quarters and a difficulty you feel comfortable with. i like to set all playcalling to auto and show all diagrams on the court, but that’s optional.

your main goal is to create as many dunks as possible. you are going to accomplish in two ways: pick-and-rolls and the reggie miller technique.

the pick-and-roll system allows you to control the offense. simply run up to the player guarding the ball handler on your team and hold the set screen button (circle on ps4). more often not, you will flatten the defender. this allows your ball handler to push to the basket, where the big dude guarding your character will have to stop him. run towards the basket and tap x to call for the ball, and you will typically have a pretty easy look at the basket.

make sure you set your screen a few steps away from the defender. if you walk right up to him, the idiot a.i. controlling your teammate will start the pick-and-roll too early. this will often cause your player to steamroll the defender without setting his feet, which is a foul and gives the other team the ball. give the play space to develop.

if your ball handler wants to run a play and doesn’t take the pick, press circle again. you will eventually cancel the play, and the ball handler will do his job.

if a defender is in your way after you receive the ball during the roll, you have a few options. i prefer to just hold the sprint button and the shot button (square on ps4). this will have your player attempt to dunk on the opponent. with enough coins in athleticism, this works more often than not. if you don’t pull off the dunk, you will typically get fouled. that’s almost as good.

you can also slightly tap square to pump fake. you may get the defender to jump in the air. if that happens, start your shot while he’s on the way down.


rebounding and playing defense

this brings me to rebounding. it is all about timing. if you time things properly (and are 7 feet tall), the attributes don’t matter. this takes practice. later is better when it comes to rebounding. if you are too early, you have no shot. but if you are a little late, your player may automatically grab one by sheer size alone.

the same is true for blocking shots. a 7-footer can block a 6-footer’s layup attempt without jumping. blocking shots is also a timing thing. you’ll learn when the opposing players get that look in their eyes and are going to try to score over you.

a final tip for playing defense: try not to rub bodies with your matchup. stay far enough away from him to where your bodies won’t touch. that friction will slow you down when you are running to the basket to block a guard’s dunk attempt. he will beat you if you get tangled up.

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