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how to get mid-range deadeye badges in nba 2k17

Date: 10/21/2016 11:59:52 AM

nba 2k17 badges are sought after by players who are into the basketball game. there are different kinds of badges available and some can be accomplished easier than the others. how to get mid-range deadeye badges in nba 2k17 mycareer.

nba 2k17 deadeye badge

one such badge is the mid-range deadeye under deadeye badge category. to acquire the mid-range badge, players should constantly shoot in the area between the 3-coin line and the inner paint. positioning the nba player close to the free-throw line provides a better chance of making the shot.

in case the objective is to just increase progress, set the game into rookie mode. use sharpshooters to make mid-range shots. they are a legitimate threat on the area and chances of landing the ball on the net are high. once the badge is unlocked, opt to purchase the silver and gold to be able to unlock the next one, which is the hall of fame deadeye badge.

mid-range deadeye

to get the deadeye mid-range badge, players will need to set the difficulty level to rookie and set each quarters to 12-minutes. get into a match and position you’re player in the free throw line to get the best chance of landing a jump shot. once the player finds a defender coming closer, just do a pump fake then shoot the ball . you’ll know that you did it right if your players does a fade away animation.  

you can try this multiple times and you’ll get the mid-range badge easily. players need to be very careful with the distance they maintain with the defender. getting too close or too far is not advisable.  

long-range deadeye

for the long-range or deep-range badge, just do the same technique but only in the 3-coin line. when you get on the court, just go ahead and mix it up with dribbling moves. bounce the ball continuously on the floor and fake pump. once you get everything right on the track, just shoot the ball. do this repeatedly to achieve the deep-range deadeye badge in nba 2k17.

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