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nba live mobile guide: legendary players cards' history and role in the game

Date: 12/5/2016 5:07:58 PM

nba live mobile has released a lot of legendary players since the release of the game. but only a very few gamers have used all the legendary players. will provide gamers with as list of both legendary cards and legendary rookie cards, which hopefully will be helpful.

chris mullin '85 -86'

nba live mobile chris mullin

this is mullin's rookie card which is quite useful in the early transition stage in nba live mobile. you can occasionally buy a relatively cheap one in the auction house. gamers who like collecting can give it a consideration.

toni kukoc '93 -94'

nba live mobile toni kukoc

bulls fans must know about the player. kukoc currently is one of the best players for three-coiners and shooting in two-way lineup and sf position. this card costs a lot of nba live coins. if you need coins, you can choose buy live coins. 

john havlicek '72

nba live mobile john havlicek

this is a true legendary card. the celtics team's total score ranked first. in the 70's, nba had not three-coin line, steals and blocks statistics. so it's unknown how ea rates this legend. the player is very worthy buying, and the price is high. he's very useful and powerful in defensive sf position. gamers who like to collect or use veteran players can choose to buy.

jeff hornacek '98

nba live mobile jeff hornacek

this season, jeff hornacek has a high percentage of field goal shots, so he has great shooting ability in nba live mobile. despite his disadvantage in height, his advantages are obvious. there a only a few cards available on market, and the card is more expensive than that of jalen rose who is in the same position. the player is only recommended to players who have enough nba live mobile coins. 

spud webb '92

nba live mobile spud webb

spud webb is the nba's shortest dunk king in the history. ea's rating is reasonable. but his position a bit embarrassing because in this location there is a nba live mobile ultimate player westbrook with 95 rating. in the game, this card can be used as a transitional player card. the price is not high, which is an advantage. but recently legendary card prices fall a lot, so this advantage is reduced. will update five legendary players every day. if you want to know more about legendary player cards, you can check out our daily update which hopefully help you know the players better. if you don't have enough nba live mobile coins, has very cheap nba live mobile coins for you to purchase. you can use coupon code "2k17" for 5% off.

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