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nba live mobile guide: 5 history legend players cards and role in the game 2

Date: 12/7/2016 3:05:53 PM

nba live mobile has released a lot of legendary players since the release of the game. but only a very few gamers have used all the legendary players. will provide gamers with as list of both legendary cards and legendary rookie cards, which hopefully will be helpful.

elvin hayes ‘73

nba live mobile elvin hayes

this elvin hayes ‘73 card is rather cheap among legends. however, compared to other legend cards of the same position, it is less practical and only moderately useful. it is only recommended for gamers who like to collect.

darryl dawkins ‘80

nba live mobile darryl dawkins

throughout his career, dawkins has attempted to make three-coiners but in vain. i have no idea how he ends up being rated 3 in three-coiner percentage by ea. shaquille o'neal is available at the same position. that's why legends of this position are generally cheap. robinson's card is priced similarly to dawkins and is recommended more than dawkins'.

bernard king ‘84

nba live mobile bernard king

as far as only nba live mobile is concerned, despite the high rating, other players cards of the same position are way better than this one. bernard king is the cheapest of this position among all legends and is only suitable for collecting. ‘89

nba live mobile ac green

a. ‘89 is identified as sf, which absolutely ruins the card. despite strong defense, there is a lack of attack ability. when it comes to the position of sf, only former lakers player elgin baylor can be comparable. the price is acceptable. it will be good choice to improve the team's overall rating.

dennis rodman ‘92

nba live mobile dennis rodman

to be honest, the card is low rated in terms of three-coiner. this season, rodman has had a rather decent three-coiner percentage of 31.7%, with at least one per game. as a whole, rodman's attack ability can be ignored in the game. his rebounding ability in the game is very good, suitable for defensive lineup. , with the same excellent defensive thomas, he is very worth having along with the same defensively excellent thomas. will update five legendary players every day. if you want to know more about legendary player cards, you can check out our daily update which hopefully help you know the players better. if you don't have enough nba live coins, has very cheap nba live mobile coins for you to purchase. you can use coupon code "2k17" for 5% off.

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